Review: Stagecolor Cosmetics – HD Finishing Powder

HD this word reminds me to my TV ^^ Nearly everything in our life is high definition, but only a few of us have a skin they want to see on high definition. Most of us do not have skin like hollywood beauties and photoshop will show us. The colorless HD Finishing Powder from Stagecolor Cosmetics aims to give us a bit more perfection in our everyday life. I was allowed to try it out. Oh wow, this is my 270. Blogpost, thank you all so much for your support.


stagecolor hd finishing powder


manufacturer’s description


“HD – High Definition – stands for finest powder particles, without talc or color pigments, but with a hint of perfection neither camera zoom, nor critical eyes, with day, candle and artificial light, and gives the complexion that irresistible charm.


With the HD FINISHING POWDER, the nose no longer shone the shining eyes of the show. Impurities disappear first under the concealer, before they are completely invisible. The complexion is uniform and shimmers like silk.


Whether the skin is pale, rosy, with an olive tone or tanned, with or without wrinkles, the powder lays itself as a touch of nothing on the skin, lasts long and does not settle. It fits perfectly to any make-up, from nude to drama queen, at the workplace, at the romantic dinner or at the club. “(Source: Stagecolor)


the test


The HD Powder from Stagecolor has sneaked into my daily make-up, why? He mattes well, especially with the additional application of a fixingspray stay’s all day long and this with my rather oily skin. However, you should not apply too much, because the result could become otherwise unnatural. It is positive that he doesn’t set himself down on my skin.


Have you ever tried HD powder? Do you already know Stagecolor Cosmetics?


stagecolor hd finishing powder

about Stagecolor



The Stagecolor brand originally began in the professional environment of the stages of the world. At the beginning, the make up was not produced for end consumers. Today the products are mainly used in cosmetics studios. If the professionals work with it, this usually has its reasons.