Review: NYX – Lid Lingerie

After the successful Lip Lingerie are now available the NYX Lid Lingerie. For you I have tested the new type of eyeshadow and I’ve swatched all 12 shades.


NYX Lid Lingerie all


description & review


Creamy, delicate and almost mousse-like, the velvety texture lays easily on your eyelids. As the name suggests, the NYX Lid Lingerie will cover your eyelids with a fine glow, for sexy, smoky moment. Embellish your eyes with Lid Lingerie, the new weightless eye color with a delicate pearl finish.


Available in a range of beautiful shades – from bronze to deep taupe shimmer and jade – each shading adorns the eyelid seductively, elegantly and gives a beautiful glow.


The consistency of our Lid Lingerie is extremely velvety and can be applied with a brush or a finger. The texture is light and adorns the eyelid without weighing it down.


NYX Lid Lingerie nah


Powdereyshadows are not always easy and even to apply, the NYX Lid Lingerie is it. As with a liquid lipstick you can simply apply. The result is super-intense and even. However, transitions are somewhat more difficult to achieve than with powdered shadows. The NYX Lid Lingerie can be applied in record time. After application they dry quickly (it becomes slightly cool on the eye lid then) and we’re finish with the eyeshadow application. The color durability is good.




Now my swatches of the NYX Lid Lingerie:


NYX Lid Lingerie Swatches


The names in turn:


  • 01 Sweet Cloud
  • 02 Rose Pearl
  • 03 Evening Spell
  • 04 Gold Standard
  • 05 Night Glow
  • 06 White Lace Romance
  • 07 Whimsy
  • 08 New Romance
  • 09 Morning Sky
  • 10 Fame & Fortune
  • 11 Nude to Me
  • 12 Bronze Mirage


I have all colors only once, except the 06 twice. As you can see, they are really full of color. My favorites are, by the way, all golden and pink-colored shades.


What color do you like best? Have you tried the NYX Lid Lingerie yet?


NYX Lid Lingerie


“Thank you NYX Cosmetics for these gifts”