Review: NYX – Bright Idea Sticks & Love Contours All

Recently, I received a package from NYX: on the one hand I got the Bright Idea Sticks and on the other hand the Love Contours All Palette. Highlighter fans, you’ll love the Bright Idea Sticks. For you I have tested them and swatched them all.





NYX – Bright Idea Sticks


NYX - Bright Idea Sticks


The Bright Idea Sticks are available in 12 nuances – with four illuminators, four bushes and four bronzes – with their creaminess, they are easy to apply and provide instant glow. They are particularly suitable for strobing. – NYX


NYX - Bright Idea Sticks


The colors are intense and can be applied well, you see in the Swatches all 12 colors in the order:


  • 01 Pinkie Dust
  • 02 Coralicious
  • 03 Brick Red Blaze
  • 04 Rose Petal Pop
  • 05 Chardonnay Shimmer
  • 06 Lavender Dust
  • 07 Pearl Pink Lace
  • 08 Sun Kissed Crush
  • 09 Bermuda Bronze
  • 10 Maui Suntan
  • 11 Sandy Glow
  • 12 Topaz Tan


I like the sticks super well, just because they make it superfluous to pack a powder highlighter. I have a talent to drop powder dusters to the ground. In addition, the sticks are also great for the handbag. The durability of the product is good.


NYX – Love Contours All


NYX - Love Contours All


The Love Contours All contains all the products for a perfect definition. These include the well-pigmented eyelids in separations, neutral shades, mixable concreting and contoured shading and beautiful eyebrow powder. –  NYX


NYX - Love Contours All


On the back it is possible to see which product is intended for which application area in several languages. The layout is clearly designed, so it does not bother us that the instructions are on the back.



Here you can see all 9 eyeshadow colors in neutral colors.



Here you can see the two highlighters, the two contour colors and the eyebrow powder.


The palette is well pigmented and especially the highlighter and eye shadow I like very much. It is conveniently e.g. For travel, since really all necessary products are included. Durability is good.


Do you know the new products of NYX already?




*thx to NYX for the test products




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