Review: Neutrogena Hydro Boost care & cleansing products

Some time ago I received a test package from Neutrogena, the new product line is called Hydro Boost and I was allowed to test the maintenance as well as the cleansing product.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Aqua Gel


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Aqua Gel

Manufacturer description


The Hydroboost Aqua Gel is a special moisture care with a light texture and a long-lasting moisturizing effect. It refreshes immediately and provides the skin with intensive moisture for 24 hours. The formula with the innovative hyaluron gel complex with hyaluronic acid, a natural component of the skin, helps:


  • To fill the epidermis with moisture and to build up a moisture store. 
  • Protect the skin barrier and deliver moisture continuously for 24h.
  • The skin is smooth, noticeably supple and refreshing.
  • Oil free
  • Does not block the pores

Apply daily after thorough cleansing on face and neck in circular movements.




I was really very anxious about receiving this care product, also because I tend to an oily skin, it is always good to use oil-free products. The cream has a pleasant fragrance and the consistency reminiscent of a mixture of cream and gel. It does not need a lot of it to use, because the cream can be applied easily. She quickly gets into the skin and does not leave behind an unpleasant film. After application, the skin feels pleasantly well-groomed. I am really excited about this cream, as traditional creams are often too rich for my skin. Also for the summer I put it to me super suitable, as it has a slightly cooling effect when applied.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gelée cleansing lotion


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gelée Reinigungslotion


Manufacturer description


An innovative cleaning product that combines the ease of a gel with the efficiency of a cleansing lotion. It cleans the skin of makeup, dirt and sebum and leaves it completely clean. The special formula protects the skin barrier and provides the skin with moisture. Thus, the skin does not feel dry and stressed after cleaning, but refreshed, pure and noticeably supple.


Oil free. Also suitable for sensitive skin. Ophthalmologically tested.


Apply with a cotton pad on face, eye part and lips. No washing necessary.




This cleansing gel also has a pleasant smell, first I was skeptical whether this would not irritate the eyes. The gelée I applied for cleaning on a cotton pad and cleaned the skin. It removes makeup effortlessly and leaves a gentle skin feeling as well as the scent on the skin. In my water-proof eye-catching, the jellyfish removed it with circular movements as well. The eyes did not react negatively to the joke. I can recommend the product just as well as a micelle water or as a supplement. Whether it is compatible for you, I can not judge, of course, but it is tested on-the-spot.


Do you already know the new Hydro Boost products from Neutrogena?








  1. Julezz
    Wednesday February 1st, 2017 / 07:39 AM

    Die Produkte sind schon länger auf meiner Einkaufsliste ?. Nach Deinem Review werde ich sie mir höchstwahrscheinlich als nächstes kaufen ?. Ich wünsche dir eine schöne restliche Woche.

    Liebste Grüße


    • Wednesday February 1st, 2017 / 09:48 PM

      Ja wenn du gerne duftende Produkte hast sind sie echt toll 🙂

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