Review: Michael Kors – Wonderlust Sensual Essence

The current summer scent by Michael Kors is called Wonderlust Sensual Essence and is supposed to bring us to the orient. Because in the summer we can the Wanderlust.


Wonderlust Michael Kors


This oriental-woody fragrance opens with fruity floral notes, creating a captivating, refreshing fragrance experience. Juicy Nashi pear and sensual grape stalk attract you, while petals of peonies sparkle with sparks of pink pepper.


Jasmine mixes with orange blossoms and reveals a captivating temperament, while the sensuality and warmth of Amber and Kashmir woods gently caress the skin. – Michael Kors



COPPER: Nashi pear, grape stalk, peony, pink pepper


HEARTS: Jasminum-Grandiflorum-Absolue, Orange Blossom Absolute, Orange Blossom FirAbs


BASE NOTES: Cashmere, suede, Amber




A feminine scent with a fresh bouquet of flowers and a beautiful woody touch. It is not a light fragrance, but also no heavier, so this oriental fragrance smells wonderfully to mild summer nights. Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence brings an intense fragrance experience. As always, the best is to sniff at it 🙂


Do you already know the new fragrance Sensual Essence from the Wonderlust series by Michael Kors?





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