Review: Master Lin – Gold & Pearl Face Serum und Gold Rose Hydrating Face Mask

In addition to conventional cosmetics, I often used natural cosmetics products, I was very pleased when the request from Master Lin came, a natural cosmetics brand from Austria. The products Gold & Pearl Face Serum and Gold Rose Hydrating Face Mask I have now tested for you.


Master Lin Naturkosmetik


According to the yin-Yang principle, Master Lin combines a wealth of ingredients in 20 fine-tuned care products for face and body. Each recipe is balanced and contains elements of the five elements fire, earth, metal, water and wood.


The skin always gets what it needs –  an optimal and balancing care that balances the skin naturally. Exceptional: Each product is suitable for all skin types. The products are Natrue certified.


Master Lin – Gold & Pearl Face Serum


Master Lin Gold & Pearl Face Serum

Manufacturer description



The energy drink for every type of skin! Calms the skin and gives it a delicate, fresh skin. Gives, stressed, attacked and tired skin visible power for regeneration.


Ideal for increased moisture requirements (air travel, dry heating air) or as an after-sun care after sunbathing. Also suitable for men’s skin after dry or wet shaving.


TCM recipe with pure Feingold, precious pearl from Tahiti, noble damascene Rose from Bulgaria or Romania and magic from France.



Apply morning and evening after cleansing. Can also be used as an additional moisture booster before using Master Lin Face Cream.




I like the packaging of the product, on the one hand, because it is made of glass and on the other hand, because the product can be easily dosed by the pump dispenser. The serum is liquid and refreshes pleasantly. It smells intense after essential oils. After application, the light serum is rapidly absorbed. Like many natural cosmetics products, this serum also contains alcohol, personally this does not cause any problems, as well as the essential oils I tolerate well. I applied the serum after the facial cleansing and before the moisturizing agent.


Master Lin – Gold & Rose Hydrating Face Mask


Master Lin - Gold & Rose Hydrating Face Mask

manufacturer description




The intensive moisturizing mask with pure Feingold and noble Damascene Rose provides dry and stressed skin with plenty of moisture and harmonizes the skin image. Feelings of tension are reduced thanks to the rich, natural ingredients and the dryness will be smoothed. The facial skin with this moisturizing mask undergoes a lasting luxury treatment.


TCM recipe with pure Feingold, Damascus rose from Romania or Bucharest, white sandalwood from India, women’s coat from Poland, tragacanth from China and precious essential vegetable oils.



After cleansing, apply evenly to the facial skin, avoid eye and mouth parts. Leave on for 8-10 minutes. Then gently remove the mask with a cosmetic towel or cotton pad, rinse the residue with lukewarm water. If necessary, apply 1-2 times a week.




The mask surprised me with its deep yellow slightly orange color. Most of the moisture masks are white and creamy. This mask is somewhat stronger than a cream, but can be applied well. The mask smells very spicy, probably according to ginseng. After the exposure time, I gently rinsed the mask, which I think works better than with a cosmetics towel, just because the consistency and color are rather unusual. After application, the skin feels pleasantly soft.


The Natrue certified products are:

  • Free of parabens, mineral oils & silicones
  • Free of synthetic fragrances and dyes
  • Without animal experiments

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