They are a lot of different eyelash and eyebrows serums in the beauty shelves. I was able to test the MARY KAY® LASH & BROW BUILDING SERUM.



product description


“Turn lash envy into lashes that look fuller, look thicker and have more volume. Turn problem brows into the healthy, natural-looking brows you want. All it takes is just seconds a night — and in just 30 days you’ll see the results that women everywhere are already talking about. 


Lash & Brow Building Serum™ is formulated to help lashes and brows live up to their fullest potential. Lash volume is maximised. Brittle lashes appear rejuvenated and strengthened so fewer lashes fall out during makeup removal and brows look healthier. This gentle, fast-drying serum is powered by our Lash Response™ Complex, an essential nutrient boost of amino acids, a peptide and red clover extract that is shown to provide support to the dermal matrix* and nourishment to the hair follicle that “anchors” each hair in place. The appearance of thin, sparse lashes and brows is improved. and lashes seem stronger.


How It Works


A number of factors can shorten lash life: harsh makeup removers, frequent eye rubbing, aggressive eye curling and even the aging process itself. And your brows can fall victim to excessive tweezing or careless waxing. Mary Kay® Lash & Brow Building Serum™ is your easy solution to lash envy and problem brows. 


  • It nourishes. Amino Acids help provide essential nutrition. Since amino acids create keratin, a protein that makes up the majority of each hair strand, it makes sense that having even more amino acids would be beneficial. The Lash Response™ Complex adds amino acids to the skin to provide nourishment.


  • It strengthens.* Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 helps strengthens the skin dermal matrix.* This peptide is considered “biomimetic” because although it was discovered in a laboratory, it “acts” like a protein produced in the skin, similar to how an artificial sweetener can taste like sugar but isn’t. When tested in-vitro, this peptide promotes the production of collagen, fibronectin and laminin – key components in skin that are responsible for supporting specialized cells critical to the lifecycle of hair. When properly supported, these cells – called dermal papilla – help increase activity in the hair follicle, creating an environment that is essential to hair renewal. Without a strong skin dermal matrix, the hair lifecycle may be shortened. 


  • It protects. Red Clover contains antioxidants. The Lash Response™ Complex contains an extract derived from red clover, a botanical that is known to contain antioxidants that neutralise free radicals. Free radicals are known to shorten the hair life cycle.


Application Tips


  • Apply at night after removing makeup and contact lenses. 
  • Apply as you would a liquid eyeliner along the lashline. 
  • Apply the formula to sparse or bare areas of the eyebrows in the direction of hair growth.”


Source: Mary Kay




Honestly, I was super skeptical against this eyelash serum, since I had tried one before, in which I has swollen my eyes after the first application. So daring, I fell into the test of this product. I’ve used it over a month and could find improvements, speaking denser and longer eyelashes, in my opinion it works. And I had no negative reactions of the eyes.


After that I deposited the serum and also the effects stopped. Conclusion is thus, the serum works, but only so long as you use it. For all who do not have long eyelashes and also don’t like artificial ones it’s certainly worth a try. I will apply and use it again.






  1. Wednesday March 29th, 2017 / 04:09 PM

    Tolles Produkt. Danke für den Bericht.
    Wir machen eine Blogvorstellung melde dich doch bei uns an und wir schreiben über deinen Blog.
    Liebe Grüsse

    • Thursday March 30th, 2017 / 04:52 PM

      Hallo ihr Lieben vielen Dank. Schön, dass euch mein Blog gefällt. Ich werde bei euch vorbeischauen.

  2. Wednesday March 29th, 2017 / 06:42 PM

    Hey, super, dass es wirkt, merke ich mir gerne mal vor!
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Wednesday March 29th, 2017 / 10:07 PM

      Ja, ich hatte wirklich das Gefühl meine Wimpern wurden länger. Ich teste nun ein Brauenserum, da ich ja seit einiger Zeit meine Brauen wachsen lasse.

    • Thursday March 30th, 2017 / 09:43 AM

      Oh ok, ja bei manchen kann ich da schon neidisch werden. Wenigstens hat Mini-Me unglaublich lange, dunkle und dichte Wimpern ^^

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