Review: Make-up by L.O.V

The newest brand from the makers of essence and Catrice is called L.O.V I was able to test some of the products and would like to present them you today.


L.O.V Make-up


L.O.V – Face


L.O.V Make up Skin

L.O.V – EVENelexir Serum Foundation


“The unique and selective formula of the EVENelixir Serum Foundation combines the characteristics of a long-lasting, moisturizing foundation with the high-potency ingredients of a high-performance serum – color meets intensive care, the incredibly delicate formula fuses with the skin and perfects the complexion The texture is oil-free and can be precisely dosed by means of a pipette, as well as the sun protection factor SPF 20. “


I’ve got the color 030 Rosy Touch for testing, right now it’s a bit too dark for my pale skin, but I’ve applied it for you. As already mentioned in the description, it has average covering power, it is not a full-coverage foundation and therefore has a natural effect. It is easy to apply and has a pleasant silky soft finish which I like very much. With my more greasy skin, the oil-free texture is anyway optimal.


L.O.V – Confidential Camouflage Concealer Palette


The luxurious palette combines four” secret weapons “, which are ideally matched to each other and create an incredibly flawless charisma.
With the rose-colored Brightening Corrector an instant luminosity is achieved. Two nuances of the highly covering Camouflage Concealer conceal dark eye rings and bumps and can be mixed individually. The multifunctional powder fixes the result of the concealer to extend the durability of the make-up. “


Practically is the picture instruction inside the packaging. First, apply the rose Under-eye Brightening Corrector, then mix the Camouflage Concealer to the appropriate skin color and fix it with the Setting Powder. The application is surprisingly easy and fast done. The cream concealer can be mixed well. The pigmentation get’s a good result.


L.O.V – DUAList 2in1 Powder Foundation


“A silky-soft formula with the active ingredient Ceramide NP perfects the complexion and the covering power can be varied from easy to medium, as desired, the powder enriched in serum preserves the natural moisture content of the skin. The 2-sided applicator is an all-rounder: a light powder finish can be achieved with the tassel side, while the spongy side is ideal when a higher covering force is desired. “


The quilting side of the sponge is incredibly soft and pleasant on the skin. Also the powder feels great on the skin. This Powder Foundation is great to get a natural mattified skin look.


L.O.V – Eyes


L.O.V Eyes

L.O.V – The Forbidden Dramatic Volume Mascara


“Provides spectacular volume and exciting swing in a single stroke, behind the shiny cover, a professional saddle with hourglass snape, which allows the unique padding texture to be applied easily and precisely defines the eyelashes, available in 2 black shades and waterproof. “


The hourglass brush I is very interesting. The application actually succeeds super easy without clumping, the eyelashes appearing in a deep black dipped and voluminous (not longer). I got the EXTRA BLACK 120, the color is a great black also on my bright eyelashes.


L.O.V – LOViconyx Eyeshadow & Contouring Palette


“An exciting game of texture, colors and contrasts gently and expressive, creamy and delicate shimmering. Five perfectly coordinated, glamorous nuances. Intensive coloring and long hold. Luxuriously creamy formulation.”


The palette is an eye-catcher. The above palette is the color 820 A glass of wine with Liz. I find the colors very pretty just the brighter nuances are suitable for a day make-up well. With the burgundy color, the look becomes more dramatic in the evening. The application is pleasant, I use my usual eyeshadow brushes, but it is also included an applicator. The colors do not crumble and have a good pigmentation. They also keep good.


L.O.V – Best Dressed 12H Long-Wear Eyepencil


“For a unique look, BestDressed 12H Long-Wear Eye Pencil is an innovative oil complex combined with a silky-light formula, not only for durability, but also for its brilliant color and supple finish The special, handy grip area of ​​the Eye Pencils, every woman becomes a professional make-up artist. The application is uncomplicated and the result incredibly precise. ”

Exceptionally is the rubberized holding part on the pencil, it provides for more grip. The application succeeds well, the pencil is not too soft or too hard. The color result I find pretty in it’s intensity.


L.O.V – Lips


L.O.V Lippenprodukte



“The LOV color & care lipstick combines all that a woman wants with a lipstick: the intensively pigmented, creamy formula with subtly shiny or matte finish is the result of an affair that every woman should admit – intense, multifaceted and absolutely sensual Enriched with nourishing Kendi oil, leaving your lips full and supple. “


The packaging of the lipstick is very high quality, surprising to me was the magnetic closure. The pigmentation is strong and the application is pleasant. The durability is good for a conventional lipstick.




“The creamy, caring texture of cottonseed oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil feels so pampered and supple. Thanks to its extreme precision and its smudge-resistance, it is ideal for contouring, emphasizing or defining lips.”


The pigmentation is also convincing in the Lip Pencil, it’s easy to apply. It is available in the same colors as the lipstick.


L.O.V – Lovlicious Caring Volume Gloss


“An elegantly shining finish is combined with nourishing, high-quality Tsubaki oil and with a voluminous active ingredient, the lips are filled sensually, an impressive naturalness that seduces the lips gently shimmering, desireful, elegant colors.”


Yes, I have a weakness for lipglosses ^^ And this has also got a place in my Lipgloss collection. It’s not sticky and pleasant to wear on the lips.


L.O.V – Brushes


L.O.V pinsel


Also included in my test package were four brushes, they I will introduce you from the top to the bottom.




  • Soft brush hair adapts perfectly to the eye contour.
  • Narrow brushes blindly eyeshadow professional.
  • Specially designed for L.O.V eyeshadows.


L.O.V – Highly Confidential CONCEALER BRUSH


  • Accurate coverage and hiding.
  • Laminates professionally eye margins and small bumps.
  • Perfect for the L.O.V Confidential Camouflage Concealer Palette.




  • Particularly soft brush hair for the ideal amount of rouge.
  • For a perfect make-up finish and delicate red cheeks.
  • Perfect for L.O.V powder, bronzer and highlighter.


L.O.V – EVENelegance Foundation Brush


  • Sensual soft brush hair for a macellous complexion.
  • Perfect shot of powdery and creamy textures.
  • The ideal partner of the L.O.V EVENelixir Serum Foundation.


The brushes are very solidly manufactured by the rather wide handle they lie firmly in the hand. The design itself with I really like. The brushes have many hairs and these do not fall out during use. My personal favorite is the Foundation Brush.


Do you know the products of L.O.V already? Have you already tested some of them?








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      Thanks hun

  1. Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 / 02:51 PM

    Ich habe die Produkte schon auf einigen Blogs entdeckt,aber noch nicht selbst getestet. A,lso die Pinsel sprechen mich schonmal an 🙂 Liebe Grüße,Femi

    • Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 / 09:22 PM

      Ja die Pinsel haben mich total überrascht

  2. Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 / 04:01 PM

    Liebe Priscilla

    Die Produkte sehen so toll aus! Wow!

    Danke Dir fürs Vorstellen!

    Hab einen schönen Tag!

    xoxo Jacqueline
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    • Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 / 09:36 PM

      Danke, dir auch meine Liebe.

  3. Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 / 06:51 PM

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  4. Tuesday February 28th, 2017 / 12:59 AM

    Tolle Vorstellung! Ich mag L.O.V. super gerne. Außer mit den Pinseln. Mit denen komme ich nicht so gut zurecht.
    Liebste Grüße,

    • Thursday March 2nd, 2017 / 11:49 PM

      Ich mag die Foundationbrush super gerne, aber ist auch Geschmacksache 🙂

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