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Some time ago, I already showed you some products by L.O.V. In the meantime, I also tested some nail products. A pretty red nail polish, the basecoat and the cuticle treatment.


l.o.v cosmetics nail




“The unique combination of the innovative precision brush with the perfect wear formula transforms the nails into a perfect piece of art, because the 320 high-quality brush fibers in the professional round cut are perfectly matched to the nail varnish formulation.
For an even, precise color layer already with the first order.
The unique high-gloss texture leaves the nails long-lasting and reduces premature chipping. ” (Source: L.O.V)


A pretty classy red, I really felled in love with this color immediately. The order succeeds easily, I like wider brushes rather than narrow. The nail varnish durability is good.


L.O.V – LOVinity Even Effect Base Coat


L.O.V - LOVinity Even Effect Base Coat


“LOVinity EvenEffect Base Coat offers more than just a base – so that the nail varnish can look beautiful all the time and the nail polish color can last longer than usual – the smoothness of the nail varnish creates a smooth and flawless surface A prerequisite for the perfect bonding of the nail polish to the nail surface, the durability is demonstrably prolonged for up to 3 days, the color and the brilliance of the nail polish are more effective in this case, premature chipping and wear of the nail polish are reduced To discolor – because they have no chance! ” (Source: L.O.V)


The base coat has the same brush and is easy to apply. Nail varnishing without base coat goes naturally not at all. That’s why I used it just under the pretty red. The combination has kept quite well, but after the apartment cleaning I had to re-paint.


L.O.V – LOVtender Cuticle Treatment


L.O.V - LOVtender Cuticle Treatment


“A creamy formula with delicate skin and a high level of protection, it is a unique formula that provides an instant recovery for the stressed and dry nail skin, and is enhanced with Panthenol & Urea, which is enriched with flattering monoi oil from the Tiaré flower The soft texture also gives her sensual-floral scent note. ” (Source: L.O.V)


The scent is wonderful, I like it very much. The cream is thicker than a “normal” hand cream. The exposure is pleasant and does not leave a strong grease film. The nail skin has an improved appearance and has been noticeably improved during regular use (every 1-2 days).


Do you already know the nail products of L.O.V?








  1. Sunday April 2nd, 2017 / 01:05 PM

    Hey, nein die Produkte kenne ich tatsächlich nicht.
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag!

    • flowery
      Sunday April 2nd, 2017 / 10:00 PM

      Danke dir auch 🙂

  2. Sunday April 2nd, 2017 / 07:29 PM

    Oh die Produkte von LOV wollte ich auch schon lange ausprobieren, aber ich kam bisher nicht dazu mir mal welche zu holen. Die Creme klingt zumindest interessant. 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,

    • flowery
      Sunday April 2nd, 2017 / 10:00 PM

      Ich mag den Duft der Creme so gerne.

  3. Wednesday April 5th, 2017 / 12:11 AM

    Die Produkte habe ich schon oft gesehen aber nie mitgenommen.Ich denke die Lacke sollte ich mir genauer ansehen 🙂 Liebe Grüße, Femi

    • flowery
      Wednesday April 5th, 2017 / 12:54 AM

      Finde sie echt hübsch, die Verpackung ist zuerst gewöhnungsbedürftig, weil sich unter dem Verschluss eine Drehkappe befindet.

      Liebe Grüsse


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