Review: Louis Widmer – L’eau de Peau

Louis Widmer has set itself the task of creating fragrances that do not contain any allergenic substances and offers with that a unique fragrance experience. I tried the three fragrances for you.


louis widmer l'eau de peau


The Background


Traditionally, many perfume oils and other extracts from fragrance plants are used in the perfume creation. These oils and extracts are a natural mixture of hundreds of ingredients, some of which have been identified as allergenic fragrances. It is a great challenge to create fragrances that are free from allergens. Natural raw materials can not be used and the range of synthetic fragrances is also drastically reduced.


The structure for the Louis Widmer fragrances is therefore different: the fragrance architecture is overall simpler, monothematic and the effect of individual fragrances is emphasized. The value is achieved through the use of valuable, nature-inspired syntheses, delicately interwoven with small swabs of distinctive colored substances. New fragrances have emerged, which are located in their new aesthetics between zen and high-tech and whose sensuality and freshness are very clear. – Louis Widmer


Louis Widmer – L’ Eau de Peau Eau Fraiche


Louis Widmer L' Eau de Peau Eau Fraiche

Manufacturer description


Refreshment meets summer ease. Splendid, invigorating and stimulating – «Eau Fraîche» captivates with a combination of sunny fruits and floral indifference. Fresh, green leaves merge with the wonderfully light scent of Freesia, transparent jasmine and a balanced teenage to an energizing cocktail! Fruity peach, delicate musk and fine wood notes round off the creation perfectly and create an incredibly fresh and pleasant wearing feel.


Head note: Green leaves jasmine (Hedione HC)
Heart note: jasmine, freesia, green tea
Base note: peach, fresh musk, cedar


My impression


If you are looking for a fresh fruity summer fragrance, you will love L ‘Eau de Peau Eau Fraiche. The aroma of green tea is a great foundation for the fruity aromas of the peach and the floral aromas of jasmine and freesia. Cedar wood gives the fragrance composition a light woody note.


Louis Widmer – L’Eau de Peau Parfum Elixir


ouis Widmer L'Eau de Peau Parfum Elixir

Manufacturers description


Charming sensuality and seductive elegance unite in “Parfum Elixir” to an irresistible liaison. The fresh, clear headnotes merge in the heart of the fragrance with a passionate rose, narcotic jasmine and the delightful powdery notes of iris. The creamy background lends the fragrance a wonderful texture and embeds his heart in a cloud of musk and magical passion.


Head note: Aquatic, lotus blossom
Heart note: Bulgarian rose, iris, jasmine
Base note: musk, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber repellents


My impression


A fragrance for a nice evening is quite clear to me L’Eau de Peau perfume Elixir, the fragrances reminiscent of a beautiful evening with the sweetheart. The woody note of this scent comes here most strongly to the validity surrounded by the flowery fragrance components.


Louis Widmer – L’Eau de Peau Eau Douceur


Louis Widmer L'Eau de Peau Eau Douceur

Manufacturer’s description


A perfume that conveys pure well-being. Eau Douceur enchants with celestial notes and romantic flowers. Even the head note combines the elegant freshness of Neroli with the soft creaminess of white almond. Sweet jasmine and fine heliotrope unite in the heart of the fragrance and convey a feeling of pleasant warmth. The velvety smell in the rear of the room is filled with cuddly wooden notes and pleasant vanilla tones.
Headnote: Neroli Hedione HC
Heart note: heliotropin, iris, jasmine
Base note: almond, musk, crème caramel, ambroxan

My impression


Eau Douceur is a sweet fragrance and therefore also associated with a certain ease. The note of Crème Caramel I find super exciting and I did not know something like that before. Intensity gains the smell through musk, neroli and jasmine.


All of them wonderful fragrances which can do well on allergens and without fragrant perfume fragrant.


Do you already know the fragrance compositions from the Eau de Peau line of Louis Widmer? How do you like the fact that no allergenic substances are used?





  1. Sunday April 23rd, 2017 / 02:03 PM

    What an interesting concept. I didn’t even know that it was possible to create perfumes without allergens. These may be helpful to a lot of people who cannot wear perfume.

    • Sunday April 23rd, 2017 / 03:27 PM

      I absolutely agree and love the idea <3

  2. Sunday April 23rd, 2017 / 05:26 PM

    Hey, die sehen optisch schon sehr ansprechend aus :).
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Sunday April 23rd, 2017 / 08:31 PM

      Ja ein klassisches Design

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