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My huge summer giveaway is coming to an end in a few days. Today, I would like to introduce you to the new Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascaras by L’Oréal, which the winners will also receive .


Miss Baby Roll L'Oréal Mascara


The new Miss Baby Roll Mega Volume Mascara by L’Oréal is available in different colors, I was allowed to test the colors: Teal Blue, Indigo, Lilac and Black. First of all I like the design of the Mascaras, they look girlie and makes a good mood.


Miss Baby Roll L'Oréal Mascara


The special feature of this mascara is the curling brush. Exactly, she was inspired by the hair curlers. The fine rubber hair is arranged spirally and gives the eyelashes color and volume. It is noticeable to me that by the spiral arrangement the eyelashes stick much less together. Even with 1-2 applications you get great volume without sticking the eyelashes together.


Miss Baby Roll L'Oréal Mascara


The durability of the mascaras is also good. Now to the colors, you can see Teal Blue, Indigo, Lilac and Black. The colored Mascaras are suitable for extraordinary make-up looks or also for colored accents as for example coloring the tips of the eyelashes.


I can really recommend the new Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascaras by L’Oréal. Really a new and great idea with the curled brush.


Beendet / Finished 🇩🇪🇨🇭 Sommergewinnspiel zum 2. Blogjubiläum und Relaunch: Ich verlose zwei riesen Gewinnpakete mit Produkten von L'Oréal, Essie und Maybelline mit je allen abgebildeten Produkte. Mitmachen könnt ihr auf Instagram und dem Blog. 🍀Was ihr tun müsst um zu gewinnen 🍀 1. Folgt mit auf IG kommentiert unter diesem Bild und markiert 2 Freunde. 2. Für zusätzliche Gewinnchance Repostet dieses Bild mit #thechicadvocate_giveaway und markiert @thechicadvocate Teilnahme ab 18. bis zum 10.09.2017 offen, alles weitere auf dem Blog. Viel Glück 🍀🍀 —————————————————-🇺🇸🇬🇧 Win a huge summer giveaway of my 2. blog anniversary and relaunch: You can win one of two amazing beautypackages with products of L'Oréal, Essie and Maybelline here on Instagram and on the blog. 🍀How to participate 🍀 1. Follow me on IG, leave a comment and tag 2 friends 2. For an extra chance to win repost this image with #thechicadvocate_giveaway. You have to be 18 or older to enter the giveaway, more details on the blog. Take part until the 10.09.2017. Good luck. 🍀🍀 #thechicadvocate #thechicadvocate_giveaway #win #giveaway #anniversary #makeup #essie #makeup #instamakeup #cosmetic #cosmetics #fashion #eyeshadow #lipstick #gloss #mascara #palettes #eyeliner #lip #lips #tar #concealer #foundation #powder #lashes #lash #beauty #beautiful

A post shared by Priscilla (@thechicadvocate) on


Countless comments on the blog and up to now about 450 comments on Instagram, I would like to thank you already. Unfortunately, only two winners can win, if you also want to try your luck, feel free to take part. Until 10.9. the giveaway still runs on Instagram and the blog. Here again the conditions of participation:


You can participate with a comment here on the blog under this post as well as the following posts regarding this summer giveaway or on Instagram under the giveaway photo, only if you follow me. Please tell me on which platforms you follow me. (IG, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, GFC, etc.)


All persons who are at least 18 years of age are entitled to participate.


For an extra chance to win, repost the Instagram image by using the hashtag #thechicadvocate_giveaway and marks me @thechicadvocate on your repost as well.


Pure giveway profiles on Instagram are excluded from participation.


The winners will be chosen randomly. A cash payment is excluded. The legal process is excluded. No correspondence will be sent about the contest. The giveaway is not linked to the respective social media platforms.

Good luck to everyone.

You can find the giveaway post here.



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