Review: Limited Edition CATRICE – Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence Limited Edition Catrice


A few days ago I received a great surprise Catrice Cosmetic. A nice selection of products of the Limited Edition Sound of Silence: The three “Pen Stroke Eye Shadow” eye shadow, the “Golden Lip Glow” lipstick and three nail polishes. For you I’ve tried all the products and made customized Swatches of eyeshadow. Now we come to my review:


Sound of Silence by CATRICE – Golden Lip Glow 

“Desert Rose. The slightly pigmented lipstick with fine golden Shimmer core leaves fresh paint with gloss finish. Available in C01 Golden Spirit. To € 3,99 ”


Sound of Silence Golden Lip Glow


The design of this lipstick is so lovely. Also very nice is the glittering core. The lipstick can be applied gently and leaves a pleasant, caring feeling on your lips.


Sound of Silence Golden Lip Glow


The color is very gentle and leaves a slight sheen. I like the lipstick overall a lot, especially for everyday life I like lipsticks, which are not too colorful.


Sound of Silence by CATRICE – Pen Stroke Eye Shadow 

“Three eyeshadow sticks with sponge applicator, a creamy texture and a satin finish allow easy handling for a long-lasting result. Available in C01 Calm Down ‘n’ MAUVE On, C02 Pure Silence and C03 mudITATION. To € 3.99”


Sound of Silence Pen Stroke Eye Shadow


For me it was the first pen eye shadow and I am excited. The handling is super easy with this eye shadow pencils and with the sponge applicator. Very convenient also for the handbag. Here are the swatches:

Sound of Silence swatches

 I really love these colors, especially Mauve and all light tones.


Sound of Silence by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer

“In my test package the nail polishes in shades of mauve, pink with blue cast, and a dark Nude contained. C01 Calm Down ‘n’ MAUVE On, C02 Touched By Peace, C03 mudITATION by 2.79 €”


Sound of Silence Nail Lacquer


The nail varnishes have a good consistency and are easy to apply. Specifically Mauve I like very much. Nude is less my color because it  blends not really with my skin tone.


Sound of Silence Nail Lacquer



The products of LE Sound of Silence convinced me both lipsticks, eyeshadow sticks and nail polishes shine with a pretty and practical design. They are suitable for everyday use and very feminine colors.

All Limited Edition “Sound of Silence” You can watch here

How do you like the products?