fragrance review: Intimacy Sheer Eau de Parfum

As you maybe already noticed, I love fragrances. Today I would like to introduce a fragrance, which I could try the first time at the Marionnaud Event few weeks ago. The scent is called Sheer and is made by Intimacy.


Intimacy Sheer Eau de Parfum


fragrance description


The Chypre composition with citrus and floral notes combines femininity and sensuality.


From the very first moment, INTIMACY Sheer Eau de Parfum comes to a touch of flavors: the tingling notes of cardamom and Brazilian pepper meet the freshness of bergamot, tangerine and lemon.


In the heart unfolds a delicious-sensual bouquet of Kazanlak rose, jasmine, honeysuckle and quince, with a shot of cognac.


Kazanlak Rose, the main component of the fragrance, enters into a connection with the skin.


The city of Kazanlak is located east of the famous ‘Rose Valley’ in Bulgaria. The unique freshness and countless facets of Damascus rose from Kazanlak Damask give INTIMACY Sheer its feminine sensuality.


A chypre chord in the background makes the composition even more exciting.



Intimacy sheer parfum




Reviews of beautyproducts are always based on my skin or hair texture. It is even more difficult to describe fragrances, since the preferences are, of course, very different. But I’m glad to give you my impression on this fragrance as well as a few more information.


The bottle of the fragrance is made of glass, metal and leather. A noble combination, the leather gives the certain warmth, the metal and glass the elegance. Sheer from Intimacy is for me a very classic scent, it is intense and fresh with a flowery note. It is not a sweet-flowery fragrance, but rather heavier and more classic. Personally, I’d rather wear this scent at work in the office than in summer with my summer dress.


In my opinion you get with the scent sheer of Intimacy a classic and timeless fragrance. The fragrance lasts long on the skin. Also the bottle is something quite different and very nicely designed.


Do you already know Sheer of Intimacy? If so, when would you wear it?




*Thank you Marionnaud (PR-Sample)



  1. Friday March 10th, 2017 / 06:38 PM

    Der Duft klingt bezaubernd und ich muss gestehen, dass ich diese noch gar nicht kenne!
    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende!

    • Friday March 10th, 2017 / 09:30 PM

      Ich kannte die Marke auch noch nicht 🙂

    • Saturday March 11th, 2017 / 01:33 AM

      Thanks for visiting 🙂

    • Saturday March 11th, 2017 / 01:33 AM

      Thank you, you too 🙂

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