Review: Filabé – Skin Clear

The skin care and facial cleansing can be simple that will show us Filabé. I have tested the new facial tissue and would you now like to tell you the tale.


Filabe skin Clear



Manufacturers description


“With the completely new maintenance concept of Filabé your skin with special effectiveness is cleaned up in the depth. The revolutionary combination of cosmetic microfibre with liposomes provided their skin intensively with nat. Care actives than conventional cosmetics for problem skin. The result is a clarified complexion and a noticeably smoother, more radiant and nourished skin. daily use supports the skin in regeneration and ensures a natural balance. Due to the completely new care concept for all skin types. ”


Filabe skin Clear



Lecithin, Astragalus membranaceus Root Extract, Dipropylene Glycol, niacin and thus:

Without preservatives, alcohol, perfume and emulsifiers


Filabe skin Clear




Making the dry disposable cloth wet with water. With the fluffy side face 30 – gently massage 45 seconds evenly. Use the surface of whole cloth for care. Once a day recommended for use.


filabe skin clear


the test


The Skin Clear of Filabé are primarily intended for use in impure skin. Preliminary convinced me in any case, the concept of the ingredients. For testing, I have received a box of 4 bags of each 7-Filabé towels.


As a result, I have the towels used for 7 days until the present day. The application is super easy and timesaving. I have used the towels each evening and washed my face with water only in the morning. The skin felt after the application gently cleaned, not tensed and felt not dried on. From the cleaning effect, I am pleasantly surprised. I will continue to use the Filabé towels. The skin despite summer heat and make-up not with pimples react during the use.


There are at Filabé other variants of these cleaning towels as Anti-aging or for dry and sensitive skin. The linen you get under:


Do you know Filabé or did you’ve already tried them?





*  PR-Sample