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We all are getting older, so there are many products on the market against wrinkles, new in Switzerland is now the Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel. Because I am a bit too young to test, my reader Mürvet has tested the product this time.





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Forever young – The newly developed combination of Biotulin® in California makes it possible. The unique product sparked a cosmetic revolution, and has changed the beauty world. The beauty gel can be used as an effective wrinkle prophylaxis or for smoothing wrinkles. The result is comparable to a botox treatment, but is associated with a much more pleasant and uncomplicated application. It does not get any easier: The active ingredient can be applied comfortably as a soothing lotion itself. Biotulin® penetrates into the upper layers of the skin, smoothes and tightens them. The skin feels pleasantly gently, within an hour it becomes smooth and supple. The facial features remain lively and beautiful, no botoxtypical mask formation occurs. In addition, the non-prescription Biotulin® is an effective wrinkle prophylaxis: Regular application prevents the appearance of new wrinkles. The skin looks longer and well-groomed. The transparent, perfume-free Biotulin® gel is produced under the most stringent hygienic laboratory conditions and offered in air-tight airless dispensers, which ensure a perfect dosage. Biotulin® can be used very sparingly. Risks and side effects are not known.





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How does Biotulin® work?
Biotulin® acts on several levels. The following ingredients are used as base: Spilanthol, a local anesthetic from the extract of the plant Acmella Oleracea, which reduces muscle contraction and relaxes the facial features. Small wrinkles, particularly around the eye area and between the eyebrows, dissolve. The skin becomes visibly smoother.


Another extract originates from the plant Imperata Cylindrica, also called silver hairgrass, a plant that grows in the driest desert regions of South America and is even survivable on saline soils. This extract provides the skin with moisture for 24 hours.


The third important ingredient is hyaluron, a natural component of the human body. The body’s collagens, with increasing age, reduce their ability to regularly renew and repair the skin from the inside. With its scientifically proven property, Hyaluron helps to counteract this natural aging process and thus helps the skin retain its volume. The skin remains healthy and beautiful.


The test:
First, the biotulin® ingredient spilanthol was tested for efficacy on a muscle contraction model under laboratory conditions. Subsequently, the same test was repeated in subjects.


The results:
Even the smallest amounts of spilanthol are sufficient to achieve a complete relaxation of the skin tissue. The following test test with subjects who also applied the microbial formula confirmed the results of the previous study on the model: Within 60 minutes, the botox-like effect of Biotulin® was already recognizable on the skin. It was also found that, with a spilanthol portion of three percent after 24 hours, a residual effect still exists. After about 30 days of application, the fold depths and lengths had been significantly reduced, the skin was overall smoother and firmer.
How to use Biotulin®?
Biotulin® gel is characterized by its economical application. A small drop of the gel is enough to spread evenly on the face, neck or décolleté and gently massage. The firming effect is already visible after an hour and lasts up to 24 hours. The effective beauty product is best massaged before applying the daily care. If the result is to be optimized, the Biotulin® gel can be applied several times a day. Risks and side effects are not known.


the opinion of Mürvet


Readers Mürvet has tested tough for you and then gave me their opinion. It has no caused allergic reactions BIOTULIN. The cream is cooling and refreshing, like dew in the morning. The scent is extremely mild, pleasant to almost neutral. With the donor, the amount can be dosed well, but a shot is enough for the whole face.


The gel is absorbed immediately and feel so fresh, energized.


A tip: Always massage the gel outwards into skin, with the forehead and the neck out high.
If you want the absolute WOW-effect, it is recommended to apply the gel again after about 20 minutes.
The result is visible, Mürvet can recommend biotulin to every woman / man.


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