Review: Aura by Thierry Mugler

There are already two fragrances from Thierry Mugler, we all know them, Angel and Alien are their names and they are having still success until today. Now this story of success is to be continued with the new fragrance “Aura Mugler” by Thierry Mugler. I tried the new masterpiece for you.


Aura Thierry Mugler


“The aura is an uncontrollable magic that makes the perfume’s appeal.”

Thierry Mugler


Aura Thierry Mugler


The bottle symbolizes the heart as a universal symbol. An animal heart with structure. Green, aquatic, pulsating. Firmly wrapped in a mineral M. It tries to free itself from this grip, which keeps its surplus in check. So it seems to pound almost to bursting. Green is a magical, optimistic color. The color of concentration and in-going, the reflection on one’s own magical powers, one’s own heart.


Aura Thierry Mugler


Aura Mugler by Thierry Mugler contains in the fragrance composition two special heartnotes, which jointly influence the perfume. The herbal and the animal heart note are called by Mugler.

The herbal heart note with:

  • The rhubarb leaf, crunchy as freshly mown grass, sour and sparkling, fruity but not sweetish, explosive.
  • The orange blossom, a youthful, delicate flowery note, full of luminosity and wonderfully feminine.

The animal heart note with:

  • The “black flower” or bourbon vanilla dish seduces by woody spicy notes, leathery yet soft, exotic and addictive.
  • Wolfwood, smoky-woody, muted, with almost resinous notes, such as delicate silky wood, which envelops the sensuous texture like a cocoon.


The so-called Tigerliliane is at the forefront of the overall fragrance composition.


Aura Thierry Mugler


Aura has a very distinctive scent, it’s very strong and fresh. The flacon color green you can smell also in the perfume itself. Despite the very fresh composition, the woody note brings much warmth into aura. Also flowery and slightly sweet notes of orange blossom and vanilla surround the intense fragrance wonderful.


The fragrance stands out clearly from the crowd, sometimes fragrances remind one of a different scent. This was not the case with Aura. The best way to get a taste of Thierry Mugler’s aura.