Review: ANNY – Paint & Go

Most of the time, I am quite in a hurry, especially when a special event is due. If the nails were not yet painted on the evening before, I hoped each time for a short drying time in order not to ruin them by the first handle in the pocket. This sometimes with moderate success. All the more I was glad to be able to test ANNY Paint & Go.


Anny Paint & Go


manufacturer’s description


“The Revolution: ANNY PAINT & GO conjures perfect nails in 30 seconds – Without further drying time, without scratching and without the use of a base or topcoat. The nail polish ensures a perfect surface with a shelf life of up to 7 days. “(Source: ANNY)


Included in the kit are:


– LED light
– GET RID OF IT 50ml
– 20 x alu foil removal wraps
– Rosewood sticks
– Mini file


How to apply


Anny Paint & Go

STEP 1: clean

Clean nails with PREP’N CLEAN nail cleanser.

STEP 2: paint


Apply a thin, uniform paint layer


STEP 3: cure


Hold it for 30 seconds below the LED light.
Repeat step 2 + 3 to achieve a perfect covering force.


STEP 4: finalize


Remove dispersion film with PREP`N CLEAN remover.





Nail skin and the fingertip with an ANNY nail oil or a nail cream, e.g. ANNY green tea millionaire’s beauty butter generously to protect the skin from drying out.




ALU FOIL REMOVAL WRAPS with GET RID OF IT REMOVAL to soak the fingertips and allow them to act.




REMOVE ALU FOIL REMOVAL WRAPS. Remove nail polish residue with the rosewood stick, if necessary.


my test


I was very excited about this test and especially of course on the result. The application succeeds very well even the first time, after the cleaning simply apply one layer on all nails at one hand and hold it under the lamp for 30s, it stops automatically. Then remove the sticky film and apply a second layer for a nice covering power, especially in darker colors. The paint dries at all, so there is no subsequent damage, as with normal nail polish. The lamp is also getting not hot, I’ve already experienced it quite different. But this remains cool and you do not get the feeling to sizzle your fingernails.


One advantage is the small size of the lamp, because I used to have a lamp for acrylic nails before but it was as big as a folder.


Anny Paint & Go


Up to 7 days durability is promised, so you can see it in the picture above how my nails looked after 7 days. The tips do not crumble as with normal varnish, since it generally feels gely. Only if her e.g. You have to take care of an adhesive label that you do not lift the varnish while remove it. As a student, I did not carry out too much work with my hands, but, for example, I’ve done the dishwashing without getting the nails damaged.


The removal succeeds with the foils quite well, theoretically you can simply peel off the paint too.


Conclusion: I’m going to use ANNY Paint & Go diligently and I will surely get a few paints more. If you do not always have time to wait for the varnish to dry, this is a great alternative. Because you will finished it, including the construction, in about 10 minutes and it is then already dry too.


Does your Anny Paint & Go or another LED lamp use?