Project Wardrobe – Sorting Out

Who does not know that, the closet is so full that woman no longer knows all her clothes pieces. At least for me that was the case now to begin sorting out. Today I want to show you my strategy against the closet monster .


The right choice

It makes no sense keep unnecessary things and as pointless it is to hoard clothes and shoes that are no longer needed. A single set of clothes and shoes deserves it in your closet to stay, these are the beautiful, clean, non-defective, fashionable and matching pieces . This means the following things can be sorted out:

  1. Clothes and shoes to her no longer remember ( too long is not supported ) and you do not want to wear in the future.
  2. Defective clothing and shoes , whether spots, holes (which can not be repaired), etc.
  3. Clothing and shoes that do not fit properly , too small or too large , or have even never fit .
  4. Clothes and shoes you just can not stand (yes , it was the trend part per se, but that does not necessarily mean for you too).
  5. Clothes and shoes we do not like anymore.

So imagine your wardrobe and admits drawer after drawer, usually ground to control ground, dressing briefly and admits only those things again, which you really attracts yet. Don’t forget to clean the wardrobe while sorting out.

Bild 2-min

What to do with the “old clothes”?

Again, there is no answer that fits all things equal , I have formed for me the following groups :

  1.  Sell: The current and ( almost ) new parts I sell or exchange like, online or at a swap meet . So woman gets even a little shopping money for new pieces.
  2. Donations / give as a gift: Your friend has always liked this blouse? Maybe she would be happy with it. It do also always agencies and local organizations, which collect goods for people not so favored. Inform yourself easily in advance if the clothing is actually handed over to the needy directly. Another possibility is to deliver the donations locally, for example, in a homeless shelter, a refugee center or in a children’s home.
  3. Recycle: The last group is intended for defective and not repairable again or patchy pieces and for elapsed shoes  These can be placed at different locations to recycle  Often you get for recycling even a benefit, for example, Vögele – Shoes, there are 1 CHF voucher per pair of shoe, H & M , there is also a voucher for CHF 5 per returned Bag of used clothing.

Feel free

After work, you can look forward over a tidier and clearer wardrobe. In addition, you do good you have done by you did not just carelessly thrown in the trash the clothes, because resources should not be simply destroyed. For those who sold the still successful visit is even more reason to celebrate .


My personal sorting out

My biggest problem was to stay consisten , sometimes it really was hard for me to separate myself finally of a piece , even though I knew that I won’t use it no more. We can not fix things on our memory, otherwise bursting the apartment sometime at the seams . So I had to learn to let go (strange as this may sound). Remain consistent and does not make any exceptions , if you are true to yourself , you know that it makes no sense even annul the 2 sizes too small jeans and also the pretty circumstance Stop is obsolete .

I wish you a lot of enthusiasm and fun mucking 🙂