PILATES – a personal try

Finally we continue with the “Spring Awakening” series as promised I tested Pilates for you. My impressions I would like to share with you.



What is Pilates?

Pilates is a holistic body training, in particular the low-lying and small muscle groups. The whole is to help you gain a better posture and health, for example, should it prevent or relieve back pain. General to strengthen the muscles and mobility is proposed. The basis is the so-called. “Powerhous” so is the in-midsection muscles around the spine in common, pelvic floor and back muscles are strengthened. The movements are slow and fluent running to protect muscles and joints. In addition, the breathing is trained.


Important principles [Edit | edit source]
The term Pilates principles is the first time in the published in 1980, the first book on Pilates The Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning mentioned. [5] Joseph Pilates himself used the word principles not incidentally. The principles are thus something that was later extracted from the method. The six principles were used later in other books about Pilates is almost identical [6] The six principles that describe Friedman & iron.:

Concentration – concentration
Centralization – centering
Control – control
Breathing – breathing
Precision – precision
River – flowing movement

(Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilates#Grundlagen)

Training aids


For Pilates various aids are used, for example,

  • mat
  • Pilates roll
  • Pilates ring
  • Pilates ball
  • stretchband
    Toning Tube
    My experience

So there I was, with no plan in Pilates classes. It was a mixed course, so let’s just for beginners. We first had the materials ready place, mat, string band and Pilates role. The Pilates roller should still mutate into my nemesis, but more on that later.

It went to a small warming-up straight to the point. Exercising the deep muscle groups is very tiring, mostly there for the exercises even different levels of difficulty. I then stayed in for beginners. It is difficult at the beginning really targeted to harness the desired muscle groups. After a few exercises then came the role, I experienced the role something like that already once in Crossfit, I still do not like. Because the soft tissue and the underlying muscles are in this role then become loose during exercise (I hope I’ll tell you no nonsense ^^). She was a little painful and of course complicated the individual exercises in addition.

Glad I was about other “beginners” who had to fight just with balance and other problems, as I felt in good company. After strenuous exercise, they released what for the cool-down and for the mobilization.

But that was not all, because often the next day I had such a sore in places in which I have felt never something similar.

Pilates is to strengthen his muscles deep an effective manner, this does not mean that this example primarily for weight loss is. I see it more as a complement to further training.

Were you already in Pilates?




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