Pelsano baby powder – the multitalent

Many of you, for sure, do already know that Babypowder can not only be used for Babies. So I would like to show you today a few beauty hacks, I tested this with the Pelsano Babypowder.


pelsano babypowder


The best five beautyhacks with babypowder


  1. Eyelashes: Apply a layer of mascara, apply a cotton swab to the eyelashes with a cotton swab and apply another coat of mascara. This will compress and lengthen the eyelashes optically for a False Lash effect.
  2. Oily hair? No way: Instead of expensive dry shampoo, baby powders are also suitable for fast-greasing hair. Spray some babypowder on the hairline, gently massage with your fingers or a towel and then comb out. The powder absorbs – like dry shampoo – the excess of tallow and leaves under hair fresh look. Additional bonus: The hair attachment gets through the powder volume and grip.
  3. No more razor fires: When the skin shows itself irritated after shaving, epilation or waxing, the nourishing powder provides relief. The allantoin contained in it prevents unpleasant skin redness, vitamin B5 helps our skin to regenerate quickly. Simply apply the powder after the hair removal to the affected areas.
  4. Make-up Powder substitute: applied with a brush or a powder squeeze, the Pelsano Babypowder fixes your make-up and ensures that it will last all day. The same also applies to the lipstick. Place a thin cosmetic towel on the lips, dust a little powder over the cloth with a brush and apply another layer of lipstick. The cosmetic towel leaves just the right amount of powder and ensures a long lasting color result. If you want matte lips, leave the second layer.
  5. Babypowder instead of Deo: No Deo? No problem, because in Babypowder is talcum, wheat starch, calcium pantothenate and allantoin in the nourishing powder act against the moisture and bind it. Apply a small amount to the freshly washed skin and we will wear the day sweat and care free. Also at the feet it helps by the way super.


About Pelsano Babypowder


Maintains and protects the delicate, irritated skin of baby’s po. Bonds excess moisture without irritating the skin. Prevention of soreness, skin irritation and formation of urine. For a maintained Babybutt.

– With vitamin B5 for the regeneration of the skin

– Use Allantoin to prevent skin redness


  • Without dyes
  • Without parabens
  • Without preservative substances
  • Dermatologically tested

What is good to baby skin can not be bad for us or not? The smell of the powder I find very pleasant, but it is also quite intense. For this reason it is first of all necessary to test if the perfume is ok for you. I had no problems with it. My favorite hack by the way is the use as a dry shampoo, an absolutely everyday hack.


Do you use baby powder as a beauty product?






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