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Comeback of flower pattern dresses

The cold weather warps slowly but surely into summer break. Now the time for our summer wardrobe is coming. So I show you today my great floral dress in a very simple look with a big impact.    


Mother’s day freebie “greeting card” and gift ideas

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, many of you have perhaps already worried or made itself a great attention for your mom. Those who don’t already know what to bring as a gift, will hopefully find in this article a great idea. In any case, you can download your freebie great greeting card and simply print at home.   The card is double-sided to kink. The link can be found here …


70ies look at federal court

As some of you may know I am a law student. With some fellow students  we made almost a law student pilgrimage to the Swiss Federal Court in Lausanne, in french-speaking part of Switzerland. I am happy to share my impressions and my outfit with you.     However, for once not my outfit stays in the foreground, it’s this building here:    


Yves Rocher Blogparade “Beachparty-Look”

Hello my dears Yves Rocher has called for Blog Parade,  I take this part and show you my makeup’s ” Beachparty-Look”. In my look is all about sand of the sea, what this means to me, you can see below đź™‚       I used these products by Yves Rocher for my look:


Fitness: Bodytoning – my experience

Summer is inevitably closer and many get down to training the winter pounds or simply get rid of inertia. Since I am also become a bit lazy, and of course I also take part in it and will test for you some sports courses. Today I want to tell you about my experience with body toning.  


Top 5 IN & OUT

Today I want to welcome you to my new Quick series, I present to you my current five hits and misses of the week.   5 TOP Spring walks: in good weather at home sitting in front of the TV? Not cool, get out to and walk along flowering trees is.


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