Last minute self-made Easter nest for children

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and maybe you also need a cute gift for Grandparents & Co. This Eastergift is very easy to made, already for a six year old.

Osternestli basteln 7-min

You need:

  • Egg carton
  • acryl colors
  • brush
  • glue
  • plastic eyes
  • a paper in pink or red

Osternestlibastel 01-min


  1. First, cut the lit of the egg carton.
  2. Color the carton in green, in- and outside, except the future chicken.Osternestli bauen 00-min
  3. Afterwards coloring the chicken and let it all dry.Osternestli basteln 3-min
  4. Then cut out little beaks for the chickens and little combs. Also put the eyes on.Osternestli basteln 4-minosternestli basteln 5-min
  5. Nearly finished, now you can fill in the easter sweets and hide it well or give it like that.

Osternestli basteln 6-min


Osternestli basteln 7-min


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