OOTD: Birthday Edition

My dear ones, today is for me a day like everyone else and yet something special, because it is my birthday. On this occasion, I would like to amaze my current outfit with a few thoughts on this day. In my outfit I sat on clear lines and playful pink.


OOTD Birthday Fashionblogger


the outfit


Currently, I love the combination of achromatic colors with colorful colors. Sometimes it is enough for me with a very special keypiece to integrate a color into my outfit. Rosa or pink is considered a delicate, feminine color and is stamped as a typical girl color. Therefore, I often feel that adult women sometimes consciously don’t wear pink. But there is no reason for this, even if to me personally an allover pink look would be a bit too much.


OOTD Birthday Fashionblogger


With my coat I added  some color. Because the pretty turtleneckpullover with its white stripes already brings movement into the outfit. A look for every day.


OOTD Birthday Fashionblogger


What I’m wearing


  • Black-white striped thin roll-neck sweater
  • black jeans pants
  • black booties
  • shoulder bag in contemporary design with decorative closure
  • pink coat




Unfortunately, it started to rain during the shooting, but I did not let that stopping me.


Happy Birthday?!


Birthdays have been the best days as children, you can hardly wait until the gift mountains pile up. Then there are still birthdays, which are perceived as milestones, e.g. The 10th birthday, yes now one is double-digit. Or our 18th birthday is a lively event in our latitudes, because you are now legally grown, can go vote and drive a car. I also celebrated my 20th birthday personally with a huge party. Last year then I had my 25th birthday, wow already a quarter century on our planet, pretty impressive. Yes, now I am 26 years old and look back. The experiences of the past year and the future at the same time in my view. Even if I do not host a huge party this year, I will definitely celebrate my birthday and we should all do that. Just to live without hindsides and to have many great people around you. Our sweethearts make this day special and look forward, sometimes even stronger than ourselves, to make us happy.


OOTD Birthday Fashionblogger


The last year was a miraculous one, not because everything worked out right away, but because all of these people who accompanied me on my way. No, we have been supporting each other and I am grateful to them for that. For instead of gift towers, their mere presence nowadays is much more pleasing to me. Material things can never be as valuable as time with our loved ones.


Hobbies enrich our lives in a special way. My hobby is now for over a year this blog, I’ve changed myself in this time and this has been also reflected in my blog. I would also like to thank all of you for this last year, especially those who have made blogging a wonderful experience and hobby for me.


In this sense, I wish you all a wonderful day and I’m looking forward to more great experiences with my beloved and of course to the many dear reactions from you. I’m looking forward to the next year and on other great experiences with or without blogging.


Of course, I would also like to hear what you think of my outfit today? Do you like it and do you carry pink?