Miss Earth Switzerland 2017

This year Miss Earth Switzerland has been elected in Lausanne. A miss election which is not just about the beauty of their candidates, commitment is also evaluated. I was allowed to take part in the jury this time. So I would like to report you a little bit about this event.




The background


Miss Earth Switzerland puts her beauty and charisma into the service of the environment and humans who need help. Not because of a fashionable trend, but from conviction, sustained and committed.
The organizers accompany those young girls, give them advices and help networking. Together, they want to raise awareness for a peaceful coexistence of people and for sustainability.


And so every year an inexperienced young woman becomes a competent and credible environmental ambassador. An environmental ambassador who stands for a modern, multicultural and social Switzerland and which strengthens the sense of responsibility for society and the environment.


The event


The election took place in Lausanne this year. I was very happy to be part of this year’s jury. As a jury, we met the applicants a few weeks before the election for the first time, after which they had time to work on their respective concepts. We paid attention to the interplay of beauty and projects.


Quelle/source: usgang.ch


Finally, the likable Sarah Laura Peyrel was able to defend herself against the 8 other female candidates and took the title Miss Earth Switzerland 2017, which she will be represented at the end of the year on the world-wide contest. Sarah’s concept involves organizing smaller concerts and eating together, bringing food to the table that would land in the garbage otherwise to generate donations. She wants to support humanitarian projects with her income. In addition, three other contestants were named Miss Fire, Miss Air and Miss Water. Here you can see the four winners.


Quelle/source: usgang.ch


Thanks again to the organization of Miss Earth Switzerland, that they had chosen me for being the only blogger in the jury. And I wish Sarah a great year as Miss Earth Switzerland 2017.


The show will be shown on StarTV this Saturday 5th of february. There you can also hear my introduction and answers as a jury member.