Top 5 IN & OUT

Today I want to welcome you to my new Quick series, I present to you my current five hits and misses of the week.




  • Spring walks: in good weather at home sitting in front of the TV? Not cool, get out to and walk along flowering trees is.

  • Asparagus dishes: They’re back, the delicious green rods. Healthy and so diverse, so try out the latest recipes with asparagus.


  • Nail polish in pastel colors: In nature we encounter them at the moment, in delicate pastel shades blooming meadows and trees.


  • Spring Cleaning: Not all of us do like him, for others it represents a fixed ritual of me just as much. Let the gray winter behind you and removes the “dirt” of the past. Read also: and about wardrobe is-mucked /


  • Summer Shopping: Soon the temperatures are higher and the sun shows up more often, so why not stroll apologize in shoe store by the summer department or get a new bikini?

5 Flop

  • Spring fatigue: Do not feel like? Unmotivated? Maybe it’s the spring fatigue. This may be forgiven you.


  • Winter jackets: The down jacket to the mall? Slowly but surely the heavy winter jackets may disappear in the closet again.


  • Couch Potato Mode: In winter to crumble at home is always very cuddly and comfortable, but the days are getting longer and people should their comfort zone often leave again (see 1 Top).


  • Fat and unhealthy Food: The fat months are over, the supply of fresh vegetables and fruits is larger again.


  • Rain: Sorry, we are not spared them at the moment, a bit rain is of course particularly important for nature. But according outside Who likes in the pouring rain?

What are your tops and flops at the moment?