Why you need a media kit and some other thoughts

A mediakit has been demanded more and more frequently, but also there are shadows on the other side. Since apparently many bloggers gladly correct the statistics upward, some companies and PR agencies don’t look at these stats in media kit. Really sad for all those who feel committed to the truth and do not want to commit fraud (in a colloquial as well as in a legal way). But let’s start from scratch.




Why a Mediakit?


A mediakit provides potential collaborators, companies and PR agencies with an overview of your blog and activities. The best thing to do is to get your own mediakit as early as possible. In your media kit you should describe your goals, values and direction. To do this, you must first think about it. So ask yourself about what you want to write about, what your motivations are and what you want to reach with your blog. It is important whether you want to make a stand for it, or whether it should remain a beautiful hobby. So I come to the next point. The prices, I am aware that, especially in Switzerland, only a few sponsored contributions publish, mostly it is e.g. PR samples, this is exactly the same here. For all who want to work out an income, however, it is useful to create certain price lists. This makes sense only after a certain number of page views per month. Because be honest, if you have a company and a product and you would make some promotion online, then it’s not attractive for you to pay for a blog contribution that reaches only a few people. But that is how it’s actually work. You as a businesswoman or a man will profit as much as possible from a collaboration. Therefore, the price list only starts with a certain range. There are specific points of reference here, I would like to give you an example of a popular one:
5’000 – 10’000 views per month: 150 Euro
10’000 – 25’000 views per month: 250 Euro
25’000 – 75’000 views per month 400 Euro
And this is where the worm is buried, some bloggers are thinking then, let’s lie to earn more money. Sorry, it does not work because normally you have to link such platforms to Google Analytics. They will then see whether your stats are real or not.


How do I create a mediakit?


The media kit includes the (true) statistics of social media and blog, your contact data, a small text about your person, a small text about your blog, information for cooperation partners and who likes former cooperation partners. Finish it with your logo and pretty photos. If you do not have money for your own graphic artist and you do not want to spend hours on a layout, you can find many nice templates on pinterest, which are easy to fill out. They are mostly made for Word or Photoshop. You can simply enter “Mediakit Template Free” and download one that you like.
I wish you much fun while creating your media kits. As a upcoming lawyer, I would strongly urge you to “correct” your stats, because in my opinion this is fraud against the cooperation partners.


Correcting your stats in media kit?


Who thinks now, ah ok, but in the mediakit I can cheat a little. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you, because there are now platforms with which you can analyze any website. And yes I’ve tried it and it’s quite interesting. For example, I was attacked by a blogger already by mail, this has not left a good hair to me and among other things, complained that I had anyway much fewer calls than her. So in short, she was pissed off because company XY has provided me with product ZZ and not her. Well, unfortunately someone here has piled up something a bit. I am always open to honest criticism, but I may still will have a different opinion. But if you are only on this planet to say mad things about others it’s just sad. An expression of hatred, envy and disgrace. Even more than 10 years ago in a rap battle I heard the sentence “If someon is more successful than you, you feel like you are cornered” so it is unfortunately. I don’t want to have anything to do with such negative people. My motto is to live and let live. After all, such people have no place in my life and I don’t need to do artificially friendly with them, if I don’t like someone.
In addition, the companies are analyzing not only the blog, but also the social media profiles. This week, SternTV (a German TV Show and magazine) has introduced a new tool to check out Facebook Likes, there are analysis tools for Instagram, etc.


Analysis tools, will they change the bloggersphere?


I honestly hope so. Many bloggers do not have nearly as much influence as they indicate at events or elsewhere. This makes it all the better if these analyzing tools are used more often in the future and advertisers are unmasked. Mostly it is about connections, it is not the work rewarded.


I want less envy and disgrace and more acceptance for the work of others. In this sense I wish you a nice and relaxing weekend.


What do you think about media kit and blogger fights?