The perfect manicure on the go

As a beauty blogger, of course I have innumerable Beautytools at home, to pack the suitcase it is always one difficult question: What is allowed to come with me? The new Mini Striplac Kit will surely accompany me on my next trip.


alessandro mini striplac


Stylish design, small and compact: The new Striplac mini kit is the perfect travel companion and contains all important Striplac essentials in a practical travel size. Whether for small repairs or the fast manicure on the move – the one-finger lamp finds its handy size in every handbag and can be connected to the laptop or PC with a USB cable. In addition, it is convincing not only by its practical size, but also by its strong performance. In just 30 seconds, it hardens every stripe color perfectly. Alessandro International presents Striplac mini in three popular color shades – MY LAURY, FIRST KISS RED and NUDE ELEGANCE. – Alessandro


alessandro mini striplac


The Mini Striplac kit is super small but works as effective as his big sister. Striplac is my personal favorite alternative to gel nails, because I just do not like them. I prefer to keep my own fingernails and protect them by Striplac, so they will be beautifully long without breaking off.


Why Striplac? 


STRIPLAC not only lasts much longer than any conventional varnish, it also has a stunning gloss. But the best is: the nails look as freshly painted until the last day. STRIPLAC does not splinter, is absolutely scratch-resistant and dry in 60 seconds. Anyone who has been annoyed by annoying drying or peeling off his varnish will love STRIPLAC. The nail polish has a creamy consistency and can be applied with the special brush wonderfully easily. Thus, even untrained people are able to cope with the paintwork without any problems.


The advantages at a glance:


  •  Remove the peel-off quickly
  •  Without solvent / acetone
  •  Durability up to 10 days
  •  60 sec. Curing under LED – no drying time
  •  High gloss to the last day
  •  Scratch resistant – no chipping
  •  Protects & strengthens the natural nail
  •  Easy to apply


alessandro mini striplac


The results can also be seen as a must-have for striplac fans and a compact solution for all beginners.


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