LUSH Valentines Day: Rose Bombshell & The Kiss Lip Scrub

Aren’t you already in Valentine’s mood? The LUSH Valentine’s Day collection can certainly help you to get in. I have already tested two products: Rose Bombshell & The Kiss Lip Scrub.


Lush the kiss lip scrub


Lush – the Kiss lip scrub


Giving some sugar? Make sure you get some in return. This smoothing blend of fine sea salt, caster sugar and Fair Trade cocoa butter will soften the skin and leave a delicious taste on the lips. A little almond and mandarin oil sweetens, and the edible hearts? They’re just for your enjoyment. Savour it all to yourself or share with your Valentine. 


How to use:

  1. Take a bit of it with the fingertip out of the crucible.
  2. Sweep it over your lips.
  3. Take off the excess peeling and enjoy the taste.

Who does not know the lip scrub of Lush yet. This one tastes super sweet and makes the lips beautifully soft. The sweet sugar hearts are the icing on the cake. This lip scrub brings you directly into Valentine’s day mood.


Lush Rose Bombshell

Lush – Rose Bombshell


Love is blind, which is a shame because this bombshell with a floral triplet of yellow rose petals, rose absolute and rose oil is an enthralling spectacle. As it fizzes, the outer shell breaks away and magnificent petals burst out in a sweet haze of Sicilian lemon and floral geranium oils.


How to use:

  1. Put warm water into the bath.
  2. Put it in.
  3. Let yourself be amazed by the color explosion and breathe the fragrance deeply.
  4. Stay in the wonderful water for as long as you like, and have a break from your worries.

Isn’t she magical? I fell in love with her and of course of the intense fragrance. It dissolves super fast (maybe you have seen it my Instastory video today?) And colorizes the bathing water in seconds into a beautiful pink. At the same time, their fragrance spreads throughout the whole bathroom. That’s how it looks:


More great Valentine’s Day novelties can now be discovered in your Lush store and online


Lush for no more waste


Lush products are sold as naked in solid form, in order to save packaging material. Lush also packs the liquid products in 100% recyclable packagings. So that you not only produce less garbage when you go shopping at Lush than with packaged products, here are a few tips to avoid garbage or to treat it properly:


  • Use fabric bags instead of plastic bottles
  • Separate your garbage
  • Drink tap water instead of water in plastic bottles
  • Reach on reusable packaging
  • Sell ​​or give away old things instead of throwing them away
  • Drink coffee to go out of your own mug
  • Do refill detergent, etc.
  • Avoid ready meals
  • Repair defective devices instead of replacing them immediately
  • Upcycling – make something new from old objects
  • Use microfibre  instead of disposable tissues when removing makeup
  • Ladycups instead of tampons
  • Only print, which is really necessary.

How do you like the two products? Do you already have little garbage to produce?