Review: Louis Widmer – day care Hydro-Active & cream Pro-Active Light

Good skin care products do protecting our skin from premature aging and from negative environmental influences. I have tested for you the Louis Widmer day and night care. A big advantage is that the cream is available as a variant with as well as without perfume.


Louis Widmer


I tested the day and the night care. Because they differ in the texture, depth and concentration of the active ingredients. During the day the cream act in the upper skin layers, provide protection and moisturizing. During the night, the depth effect unfolds, which regenerates and nourishes the skin.


Louis Widmer – day care Hydro-Active


Louis Widmer Hydro-Active



Day emulsion Hydro-Active. The emulsion for normal and mixed skin provides intensive moisture and long-term protection against premature skin aging as well as against negative environmental influences. The active ingredient combination stimulates and preserves the natural anti-aging functions of the skin and softens wrinkles. Ideal as a makeup base.




The cream feels very light, not greasy. I had the variant with perfume and liked the scent very much. But since there are also many women who do not like or have problems with perfume, I find it a great idea that they are both options. After cleansing, I applied the cream to the skin and let it soak for 5 minutes before I started with the make-up. She gets in quickly, because she is so light. The skin is supplied with moisture afterwards.


Louis Widmer – Cream Pro-Active Light


Louis Widmer Creme Pro-Active Light



Louis Widmer Cream Pro Active Light. The emulsion for normal and mixed skin nourishes, moisturizes and regenerates the skin tissue. The material combination with biosimulators (amino acid complex), fragmented hyaluronic acid, panthenol, vitamin A and E of the light emulsion stimulates and preserves the natural anti-aging functions of the skin.




The cream is noticeably richer and also stronger against daily care. In the evening after make-up removal and cleansing of the skin, I applied the cream, so that the active ingredients could act at night, during the regeneration phase of the skin. Even at cold temperatures my skin remained moisturized with no greasy or complaining.




The two complementary creams have convinced me, the skin is cultivated without becoming greasy, this is not always easy with my skin type and this also in the winter months.


The products of Louis Widmer are available in drugstores and pharmacies.