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Christmassy vibes at Caseapp & Giveaway

To protect my mobile phone and customize my laptop, I use Caseapp’s cases and laptop skins. Today I show you not only my new entries, you can also win a voucher for designing your own case. Also at Caseapp is just Christmas and it has many great Christmas designs on offer now.    


In the land of the lilies – A travel report on the Azores

Who wouldn’t like to travel around the world and visit the most beautiful places in the world all the time. To show you a place today, there is a guest blogpost for the first time, because I unfortunately couldn’t renounce my everyday duties. A dream destiny, which, as I find, is not already on everyone’s lips. Have fun by reading this great travel report and thanks to Gabriel for the worthy representation.  …


active sportswear by lululemon

First of all, I have to admit to you that I have neglected my sporting activities for the last few weeks, but this is about to change again. The right clothes are very important during the training, because sport is no fun in the wet sweat shirt or with a sports bra which does not support at all. That is why I would like to introduce you today the sportswear collection of…


Recipe: Easy pumpkin soup

Dear lovelies, tomorrow is Halloween not only but also to this occasion I cooked a delicious pumpkin soup. There are thousands of recipes with quite extravagant ingredients, but do you know what? I like it totally uncomplicated and undisturbed. Therefore, I would like to share with you my recipe, enough for about 4 small or 2 large portions of this deliciousness and it is super easy to prepare.    


Why you need a media kit and some other thoughts

A mediakit has been demanded more and more frequently, but also there are shadows on the other side. Since apparently many bloggers gladly correct the statistics upward, some companies and PR agencies don’t look at these stats in media kit. Really sad for all those who feel committed to the truth and do not want to commit fraud (in a colloquial as well as in a legal way). But let’s start…


Mode Suisse Edition 10 & Backstage with MAC

As you’ve probably already seen on Instagram and Co., I had the honor to be in the tenth edition of the fashion Suisse in Zurich puls 5 . In addition, I was able to stop at the backstage area with MAC Cosmetics, which prepared the models for the big show.   So let me take you with me to the Mode Suisse 10th Edition.    


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