Shoulderfree and Check


Check patterns are an absolute evergreen and always coming back into fashion. There are also many variants of it. The check pattern is incredibly diverse. With a single piece in checked look, every look can be spiced up. It looks most beautiful in combination with basic parts or who likes it a bit more exciting in the wild pattern mix.



Just such miniskirts always have something schoolgirl-like to me, do not ask me why ^  Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I’m absolutely in love with the current check patterns.



I also like shoulder strapless tops. It’s just different when comparing a strapless top to a basic sweater. In contrast to a basic one, it looks super edgy.



Fine rib is also a fashion theme, which was not very popular for a long time. Rather, it reminded us of the really unsexy undershirts of our parents.



Along with 20’s stockings and my beloved pointed heels an easy look. How do you like it?