Joggpants and Sockboots


Joggpants have already made it into our day-to-day wardrobe. Depending on how they are combined, the outfit will turn out sporty or sexy. My joggpants are from Hallhuber and I just love them. The red stripes spice up the otherwise boring sweatpants. That’s why I also combined the trendy sockboots in red. So the whole look becomes an eye-catcher. The Sockboots are from Public Desire and already on Instagram some of you seem to have fallen in love with them. In short, it’s badass shoes. The red cap by nnim clothing was in my Zermatt Fashion Goodiebag and makes the look suitable for winter. Just like my favorite gray coat from New Look Petite.


The gray in this outfit looks very balanced and cool together with the black and the red. This is how classy pieces can be wonderfully combined with modern fancy shoes and garments. A classic that always fits is my black sweatshirt with trumpet sleeves. I like to try out and combine different looks and styles. Therefore, each of my looks is completely different than its predecessors. Clothing represents their wearer and since I am not always in the same mood, this may be reflected in my outfits. On the other hand, I am also very pleased with others who, for example, have a uniform color concept. However, this is just not my thing.


How do you see this topic? Do you have a color concept or a style concept which you follow with your outfits?