New fragrance by Jo Malone – Basil & Neroli

Dear Lovelies

Today I was allowed to participate at the wonderful event of Jo Malone, there was presented the new fragrance by Jo Malone – Basil & Neroli. Here’s a little fragrance review and a brief review of the event itself.


Jo malone basil & neroli


about Jo Malone


Gladly I will introduce the brand Jo Malone, for all who do not know it already. Jo Malone fragrances created for her, for him and for home. The design of the bottles, packaging, scented candles, etc. is very simply and timeless. the overall concept of the London-based label appears Very British.

“Fragrance Combining”?


A special feature is that you can combine the different fragrances by Jo Malone. What does that mean? From combinations of existing fragrances you are able to combine it and turn in to something completely new. Thus, each and everyone has their own fragrance created quite easy.

The new one: Basil & Neroli


Jo malone basil & neroli


The latest creation from the house of Jo Malone called Basil & Neroli and is available from September 5 commercially. Besides Cologne, there are other products available like a Body Cream, Body & Hand Wash and Home Candle.


A London Lark


The English capital of madman trendy youngest and funniest side. A romance with a flowery neroli and a hint of basil. Typically British, always playful. Fresh, lively and full of adventure. – Jo Malone


The fragrances


  • Top notes: basil
  • Heart notes: Neroli
  • Base notes: white musk


Master Perfumer Anne Flipo says: “Fresh, sophisticated, sensual floral with green facets – stunning in its simplicity.”


my impressions


The new fragrance by Jo Malone Basil & Neroli is a very fresh and lively scent with a slightly spicy fragrance bouquet. While Basil score more at the beginning, the neroli acts somewhat later. The white musk remains in the background but is always present.


basil & Neroli Jo malone 1_Fotor-min


You can smell the quality of the essences, the scents are clear and intense. If the fragrance per se appears to fresh or too intense for you, you can easily combine with other fragrances from Jo Malone to something new. During the event, we could even test the combination with Black Cedarwood & Juniper, this I liked very much. The combination with the floral scent Red Roses gave the whole a very different direction. Really a cool thing this “Fragrance Combining”.


the event


The event has taken place at Juicery 21 in Zurich. There we had  insanely delicious and fresh fruit juices, smoothies, fruit peel, and more. My personal favorites were the homemade Energy Balls, healthy and delicious at the same time. The restaurant itself is also an eye-catcher with it’s special design. Here are some impressions. Thanks again to Jo Melone for the invitation.


Collage Jo Malone-min



Do you know Jo Malone before? Do you might own already one of these great fragrances?