Gorgeous Grey

Anyone who has been following my blog for some time knows already that I have a lot of love for the color gray. It is simply a timeless, classic and super chic color at the same time. So today I would like to show you my new favorite jumpsuit in beautiful gray.



Why is the jumpsuit so popular? In my opinion, we all like comfortable clothes and like with a dress, a woman is with jumpsuit immediately dressed well. The combination of uppers and pants/skirts is thus eliminated, this is making the jumpsuit look so incredibly easy going.





In my last outfit, some of you have written that it is hard for them to find a suitable jumpsuit, because they’re not very tall. Now I am 1.60 m tall. Both jumpsuits, which I showed you in my latest looks are by Pull & Bear. However, this is not a petite size, but these are 3/4 or 7/8 jumpsuits.



The secret is to look around for jumpsuits, which do not reach the ground at the fashion dolls in stores. Then they will fit even less taller ladies. Often, however, I like to buy petite sizes. Unfortunately, sometimes, e.g. in pants, they’re not only shorter but also made a lot more tight.



However, I am confident that petite sizes will be available soon also here in Switzerland and Germany. Who ever was shopping in the UK for example and went into Riverisland or Topshop store was certainly aware of the many different fashion departments there like Petite & Tall.


Jumpsuit Pull&Bear Look Fashionblogger


With my Jumpsuit from Pull & Bear I wear my heels from Dosenbach. When it goes to jewelery, I don’t wear a lot of it these times, but does not this choker fit wonderfully to the jumpsuit?




At least since this summer I am definitely in a Jumpsuitfever. I do not get enough of the stylish fashionpieces. I hope that this trend will be preserved in the coming autumn / winter season.



By the way, I’m also in love with the wide legs on this model. Particularly while walking, they look pretty awesome.


Do you like to wear jumpsuits?