Floral Dresses in Autumn

Autumn is coming to an end and yet many trees still wear their colorful leaves gown. This looks beautiful and gives a wonderful atmosphere, especially on the sunny autumn days. The more colorful the leaves forest shows himself, the more I love the beautiful floral autumn dresses, the Bohostyle fits just wonderfully into this setting.



The colors are almost surreally beautiful and cheesy. While I’m standing in the middle of this beautiful setting in my floral dress. Also, I did not photoshopped the sky, it was just a rainy day with lots of sun, typical autumn weather.



The flower dress is a true statement piece in the fall, because it brings us back a little bit of summer with its floral patterns. Suitable for the yellow and orange leaves of deciduous trees.



My flower dress is from one of my favorite brands, I found it at New Look. Due to the partially transparent fabric, it does not seem “stale”. I also like the combination of black and blue very well. The earrings are from Olga Ribler a Swiss jewelry designer, since my dad gave me a jewelry set when I was 14, I love her exceptionally pretty creations. And I always like to buy some pretty earrings or a necklace.


To the dress I wear my pink pumps from Vögele Shoes. I like to wear them again and again, because they can be combined in many ways.


How do you like to wear floral dresses in autumn / winter?