It’s flip-flop time

We all know the number one summer beach shoes called flip-flops. Now, however, there are big differences in quality and design. My new flip-flop sandals offers the advantages of flip-flops and at the same time show style.



Relax by the lake


Especially in hectic times, and when the weather is nice, I love to live in my hometown, because I my flat is only a few minutes away from the beautiful Lake Lucerne. It’s my recreational area, which I would not want to miss. As a native, I know the most beautiful and deserted corners of the lake to simply relax and escape the hustle and bustle of my daily life.




Whether alone, with friends or the family taking a walk along the lake is one of my favorite activities. In the summer, this can be combined with a beach visit, after my final examinations you will find me there often for sure.


Ipanema Look Fashionblogger


The Look


Now let’s talk about my new comfy flip-flop sandals. For me personally most flip-flops are not comfortable enough to walk a longer distance. And also the style factor is usually not convincing at all. On the other hand, I fell in love with the flip-flop sandals of Ipanema. They look not only pretty, but are also super comfortable.



And the best thing, you can do a stroll along the beach, without getting your shoes stuck or damaged by the water.


Ipanema Look Fashionblogger Schweiz


Also always a pretty choice for a visit at the lake or at the beach is a beautiful braided bag. One-of-a-kind Boho-chic gives finally one of my favorite summer dresses this look.


  • Dress by Tally Weijl
  • Bag by Espadrij
  • Flip-flop sandals by Ipanema


Where is your summer recreation place?




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