Fashionhotel 8.- 10. april 2016

Fashion Hotel ? Yes, I was allowed to enjoy the Fashionhotel in zurich last weekend . But what is that?

The Fashion Hotel offers a mix of shopping, event and party. It takes place in Zurich twice a year. Three hotels are being the Fashion Mecca for three days. This time there were 50 pop-up stores housed in different hotel rooms, there was fashion , shoes, accessories as well as technology and exceptional innovations . More about the concept and the idea behind it on

Now we come to my impressions of this creative event. I had to be the luck by attending at the launch.

After a great aperitif, the event started with a fashion show at the Bernhard Theatre Zurich  The exhibitors of Fashion Hotels presented their finest pieces.

Fashionshow 1-min

There was something for everyone whether male or female.


Fashionshow 2-min


I loved the colorful fashionshow, perfect pieces for summer 2016.


Fashionshow 3-min


After the fashion show we continued by went to the pop-up-stores . In three hotels was a  the place to be for all fashion enthusiasts.

In some specific rooms were a lot of nice things offered, in addition to fashion , shoes and accessories , there was also a beauty salon, in which you can get one free style, maintain or get a massage during the whole weekend. Now some more impressions for you .


Hotel 2-min



Hotel 3-min


I really like this unconventional idea of fashion hotel.


Hotel evian-min

Refreshing time by evian


Fashionhotel Ich-min

Olympus also enabled a personal shoot by a professional photographer. You also had the possibility to attend to workshops for free. However, this picture of me is a snapshot, so the missing feet ^^

Unfortunately I have no photos of the after party, but who would philosophize in style with cool sound something about the trends of the season, was definitely in the right place . ; )

Who couldn’t attend the event this time, doesn’t have to be sad, because the Fashion Hotel is sure to return .

Have you also been at the Fashion Hotel ?






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