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Today, it’s time for my last contribution to the Berlin Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2018. I went to Fashion Week of course to have look at the fashion shows, so today I want to introduce you to my favorite looks of the shows I visited.



The first show I was allowed to visit was the one of IOANA CIOLACU. Her collection with a lot of summery white and very airy cuts I liked super good. My Top 8 Looks of the collection are all characterized by asymmetry and exceptional cuts.



The second fashion show, which I did not want to miss, was the one of Nathini van der Meer. And as expected, the show was the most extraordinary, because the models haven’t been long time on the catwalk itself. They were transformed into living art pieces within minutes and were surrounded by painted mirror images. There was amazing live music too.



Two of the models are posing for the audience. When the model suddenly spread around the room, we needed a few seconds to realize that the fashion show had become an art show. So we all left our seats to have a more closely look at the collection, which has been shown on the models and paintings. Here is a little insight.



I think it is great that Nathini van der Meer has chosen exceptional character models, the collection could not have been presented better in any way. Especially the paintings were very impressive.



The dusty eco-image of fair fashion made from natural materials, definitely isn’t true. This has shown us the salonshow of greenshowrooms. Various green labels presented their collections there.



I especially liked the collection of Lanius. The children’s models with C. Pauli were particularly charming of course.



My absolute favorite collection came from Holy Ghost, or rather Mykke Hofmann. Because the designer collective changed the name and this with a very successful show. I look forward to the upcoming collections. Because this collection with playful cuts is also so beautifully to wear everyday.



Last but not least I was allowed to see the show of Vanessa Schindler presented by Elle. Her pieces have been a bit more unusual, but not less refined. Especially the resonating substances have it done to me, otherwise, of course, partly a bit very sexy đŸ˜‰


This show also was my last one to watch this time. And so my Fashion Week adventure ended here. I am looking forward to the next time and will certainly take you with me again.





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