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As you probably already know, I love Striplac by Alessandro. Because I often forget to manicure my nails before heading over to an event. This is usually not an easy task with ordinary nail varnish despite fast drying spray etc. Mostly you destroy the not yet completely cured nail polish before you leave the apartment. Striplac Therapy and the sweet winter special edition hand cream are available to pamper the nails even better.




Before I start with my Striplac Manicure, I use the Striplac Therapy Set. First apply the nail hardener to the unpainted nail and let it dry well. Then apply the cuticle remover to cuticle edges. This makes it easy to remove cuticles and the nail polish will last much the same. Included in the set are also a rose wood stick to remove the cuticle carefully and a nail file. The Care & Gloss Finish nails and cuticle care stick contains pure vegetable oils, beeswax, vitamins and its fruity-fresh mango-coconut fragrance. It can be used as a care stick on the entire repainted nail but also for the cuticle.


alessandro striplac therapy



For the care on the way and in between, there is now a sweet and practical solution just before the onset of winter. The tenderly melting hand cream with polar bear design is very rich and smells super intense. Best of all, it’s not a tube that could leak in your pocket, but a small tin can.



The big advantage of Striplac is that it has cured within 1 minute under the lamp. A base coat is applied in front of the paint coat to prevent the nail from discolouring. Then apply the paint in two coats and let it harden under the lamp. It is important to clean the nails well before and between the layers. Otherwise, the Striplac does not last long. You can see my latest favorite colors here: Monarchy Green, Majestic Blue Shimmer, Red Paradise (I also wear this on the opening picture) and Pearly Mauve Shimmer.







Do you know Striplac? Or do you rather use ordinary nail polish?














  1. Saturday November 11th, 2017 / 05:18 PM

    Hey, nein die kannte ich noch nicht, klingen aber sehr interessant!
    Liebe Wochenendgrüße!

    • Priscilla
      Sunday November 12th, 2017 / 11:28 PM

      ist echt praktisch 🙂

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