DIY: fruity coasters with pearler beads

The summer is actually his best, the temperatures are high, the glasses filled with refreshing fruit drinks and water. Suitable for that I show you today how easy you can craft your own fruit coasters with pearler beads. Let’s do it DIY fans.


DIY Pearler Beads fruits Bügelperlen



Many of you know the pearler beads certainly from her childhood too. I loved to be creative with these small pixels since then. So why not start to play with it again? Especially in summer garden parties, it must not be just the noble coasters made of crystal or silver. Since these coasters are as easy to tinker, it does not matter if one or the other breaks down.


DIY Pearler Beads fruits Bügelperlen


What you need


You only need one round form in adequate size and of course pearls in different colors. Instead many fruit shape, you can also merely choose a fruit for make your coasters, then you do not need many different colors.


DIY Pearler Beads fruits Bügelperlen


That’s how it’s done


Seek out of a fruit that you like and matching pearls. Then it says put beads. You can, if you want to craft the same fruit as I, easy count the rows and pearls of my designs. Below you’ll find even larger images of the individual designs. No limits are set to your creativity, of course. I would recommend you to begin in the middle and work outwards. Because the other way are respectively the outer layers in the way sometimes.


Once your design is finished you can easily iron them with every iron, but place a baking parchment on the design, so that it does not depend on the iron. Once the beads have connected on the one hand, it takes off the baking paper from the form and submit to iron also of the 2nd page on this site and the other half of the greaseproof paper to the design. Because if  you don’t do that, it falls quickly apart by using.


Pearler Beads fruits 5-min



Pearler Beads fruits 6-min



Pearler Beads fruits 7-min


I hope you like my little summer craft idea 🙂 Do you also knew them from your childhood?