DIY: Mother’s day gift – sweet beetles and chocolate

Dear Lovelies

Today I want to show you a simple recipe, which you can made a cute gift for mothers day. Because my dad ‘s birthday is tomorrow, I have already made a few of these.

Maikäfer Muttertag 3-min


  • almond mush
  • almonds
  • 80 g marzipan
  • 1 black chocolate with high level of cacao
  • silver pearls

Mäikäfer 9-min


1.) Knead marzipan with 1-2 tbsp almond mush. This is for more almond flavor and less sweetness. Depending by adding more or less almonds. If you like you can also add rum flavoring , orange juice or brandy, as long as the ground does not become too much liquid.

2.) Pluck pieces from this mass and flatten them, embedding an almond in the middle and form into an oval.

Mäikäfer 8-min


Mäikäfer 7-min

3.) Now  break the chocolate into pieces and melt it slowly in small bowl over boiling water .

Mäikäfer Muttertag 6-min

4.) Then dip the beetle body into liquid chocolate, with a small fork is it very easy .

5.) Decorate it immediately with almonds and silver pearls.

Mäikäfer Muttertag 5-min

6.)  Now let all dry.

7.) Now going on with the rest of liquid chocolate. Put a piece of film on the table. Then apply the remaining chocolate as dab and sprinkle coarsely chopped nuts and co. over it.



8.) Let it dry. Wrap up 🙂 Finished !


Mäikäfer Muttertag 1-min



Maikäfer Muttertag 2-min



MAikäfer Muttertag-min


Wish you lot of fun and a wonderful mothers day <3