My graduation ceremony and how it goes on now

Last Friday, I finally had the honor to attend my graduation ceremony. Five years of studying and hard work have paid off.




Of course, this university degree will cause some huge changes in my live. The free assembly of lectures and leisure activities is replaced by the working rhythm. If I come home in the evening there are no lectures to read anymore. Yes and also the semester breaks are a thing of the past. But before I tell you how my life will change. Let us look back at the ceremony in the beautiful Jesuit church in Lucerne.



The graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lucerne is traditionally held in the Jesuit Church. The atmosphere here is a very special one. The splendor and the love of detail of the past time resonates. For some, it will probably just be to much, but I love such old buildings and especially churches were designed mostly extremely sumptuous. Well, I sat in the ranks of the church and waited until my name was called. There he was, the moment I had been working for five long years, and somehow I only realized that I was no longer a student then.



Of course, I have learned weeks ago, that my diploma will soon be handed over to me. Nevertheless, it is quite different when the moment has come and the dean gives you the hotly coveted white envelope. The celebration was rounded off with speeches of coarse jurists and those who want to become one. Also music was provided of course. But for each graduate is the only supplement, since seldom is so happy about a piece of paper.



It’s managed to get out and over. Or better get on to new adventures. Now the professional life will begin for me, and this for the second time. When I was younger I made an apprenticeship, but I wasn’t happy with this profession, so I started to study. My appeal to you is not to lose faith in your dreams. Unfortunately, many people tend to regard them as unrealistic and far from reality. Do not be discouraged and try your luck.



In October, for me the working life begins as a legal practitioner for twelve months. The next professional goal is already set. I will attend, after the internship, the lawyer’s exams. This is still the music of the future. But it won’t be quieter here on the blog. I’ve already thought of some new series of blogposts, which I’m going to introduce you in the upcoming weeks.



My dress is by Dorothy Perkins, but it’s already sold out unfortunately.