GEWINNSPIEL: Coop Naturaline faire Bio Fashion designt von Melanie Winiger

Fair and biological fashion is in demand, but in the minds of the people there is still the notion that this fashion looks less stylistic than the “normal”. This is not the case, however, especially in the new spring collection of Coop Naturaline, there are many parts to be found that are in line with the current trend of the athletes fashion as well as a nice selection of basics. You can also win here a shirt designed by the well known swiss actress Melanie Winiger Size S.


Coop Naturaline Melanie Winiger Kollektion


Bio & Fair


Coop Naturaline


The Naturaline textiles are made exclusively from fair trade organic cotton. This is cultivated and processed by around 8,000 farmers in India and Tanzania according to the sustainable bioRe standard. By deliberately dispensing with chemical aids in cultivation, the farmers protect their health and do not have to borrow loans for expensive agricultural chemicals.


Fair production includes the cultivation of organic cotton as well as the processing of textiles. We guarantee small farmers the acceptance of their cotton harvest and secure a premium of 15 percent in addition to the market price. In order to protect the workers, a large number of different ecological production requirements apply, which go far beyond the applicable standards and legal requirements. (Source:


Coop Naturaline


Particularly in the case of basic parts, there are now already a few companies that rely on organic cotton and fair trade cotton, and the trend is to be fortunate. A rethink would be desirable. As long as this development is ongoing, I am looking forward to pretty parts that already respect these principles.


The Look


I decided to wear a look that suits to the collection. Wide cuts and comfort are here the main focus. The colors are classically chosen khaki, gray and black can be combined easily and uncomplicated everyday. Casual clothing that is not only functional and comfortable, but also fashionable. Here the wide cuts in the Oversized look and current spring colors like Khaki.


Coop Naturaline


What I’m wearing:

  • Cotton jacket by Coop Naturaline
  • Oversize shirt by Melanie Winiger for Coop Naturaline
  • Cotton trousers by Melanie Winiger for Coop Naturaline
  • My chucks


Coop Naturaline

Win a shirt designed by Melanie Winiger


“Melanie Winiger has been the ambassadress for Coop Naturaline since 2008, because of her quality and production conditions, as well as her style of clothing. (Source:

Coop Naturaline

Get a shirt from Naturaline worth CHF 59.90: You would like to convince yourself of the quality. No problem. I got a shirt to the raffle to you. It is this gray model in the size S (fits also with a M, sits simply no longer quite so loose). I wear an XS on the picture.


Conditions of Participation: Residence in Switzerland or Europe, from 18 years of age. No correspondence will be sent to the contest. I offer you the competition in friendly cooperation with Coop Naturaline. Cash payment is excluded.


How can you participate? You can participate by comment here under this blog post or under the appropriatet pictures on Instagram.


Closing date: 10 April 2017 at 00:00