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My first trip in the new year took me to Colmar, in Alsace, France. Just 40 minutes from Basel and the Swiss border by train, a close destination for a leisurely weekend abroad. Especially at Christmas time, Colmar is a popular excursion destination, as the whole town is beautifully decorated and the Christmas market invites you to linger. Also in the new year there were still some Christmas decorations left over. The skating rink of the Christmas market and a mulled wine stall were still open.



Colmar is particularly well-known for Petite Venise in English small Venice, a canal which leads through the town and reminds of the canal lanes of Venice. However, with its colorful houses and fishing boats, it has its own charm. The colorful houses can be found not only in Petite Venise but in the whole city.



The architecture is worth seeing and enchanting anyway. In the city center there are two churches from the Middle Ages in the Gothic style. The Renaissance period meets one everywhere in the pretty town. La Petite Venise then with its colorful houses was the former fishing district of Colmar.



Culinary, there is much to discover in Colmar. On the streets you can not miss a French crepe under any circumstances. But also churros stands are obviously very popular here. Since I went to Colmar on the weekend of the Epiphany, there was a galette de rois. If you like dried fruits as much as I do you’ll be happy. In the town are several shops where you can buy any conceivable fruit, nut or candy. There is also a market hall in the fishing district. Furthermore, there is a market in front of the market hall.



The decorations throughout the city are really very elaborate and have been designed with great attention to detail. I’ll definitely go back to Colmar in the snowy Advent season.



Back to the culinary arts, in the town there are many pretty restaurants offering classic Alsatian cuisine. Do not miss out on a traditional tarte flambée with onions and bacon.



It was very worthwhile to travel to Colmar. Not a hectic big city but a cozy town, perfect to escape from everyday life and to slow down as well. Incidentally, we stayed at the Best Western Grand Hotel Bristol, this is right next to the train station and is therefore super convenient.


Have you ever been to Colmar?



  1. Wednesday January 31st, 2018 / 07:48 PM

    Die Stadt sieht wirklich sehr gemütlich aus :)!
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Priscilla
      Friday February 2nd, 2018 / 08:21 PM

      Ja absolut erholsam und gemütlich da

    • Priscilla
      Friday February 2nd, 2018 / 08:21 PM

      You need to lovely

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