Jumpsuit Fever & Instagram perfection

My latest look is all about the jumpsuit and my elegant bag by Maison Mollerus. With a pretty jumpsuit every woman is well dressed for any event. The jumpsuit is not only super comfortable, but also stylish.



I have a very moving time behind me, I changed a lot here on the blog and the innovations are far from being completed. While I was often traveling, even if not far away from home, a lot remains undone. But won’t take a break now, because blogging has become an integral part of my life in the last two years and this should remain like this.



Often I was approached in my private environment to the perfection on Instagram. Many friends and other peoples do not like the fact that on Instagram everything always seems to be perfect. I think, however, that is it what makes Instagram appeal. Honestly before I started blogging and wasn’t active on Instagram I had many prejudices against this app. And do you know what? I was taught something wrong. Rarely I get as much inspiration at once on Instagram like never before, on different topics like food, fashion, makeup or interior and travel. I discover every week new things and exactly this is what I like about Instagram so much. It is anyway up to everyone to decide which account he wants to follow or not 😉



Back to my look, regarding to the bag, it was clearly love at first sight. I like exceptional accessories and elegance, the bag “Erlenbach” by Maison Mollerus has both sides. It looks very classy and elegant, but the best is that even my Macbook fits in it.



By the way, I had a must-have effect when I saw this Pull & Bear jumpsuit. Stripes are super chic and trendy, plus this great cut, I love it. My golden shoes are by New Look and fit wonderfully to the gold applications of the bag.



How do you like my look? What’s your point on the discussion about Instagram perfection?


You can find me by the way here on Instagram 🙂