Make your mobile and laptop something special – create phone cases

Since I saw this Macbook with a marble skin I wanted one of them. But long time I couldn’t find a beautiful one. So I nearly forgot. Until I visited the website of and today I wanna show you the new look of my mobile and laptop.





We are all individuals, so why not also our mobile and laptop should be unique too? At Caseapp you can choose between premade  designs or you can make your own by using the designing tool.  There are a lot of different premade designs which look pretty awesome. I choosed a skin for my macbook of one of the different marble designs. I think it looks pretty amazing, for me it was the right choice.


caseapp 2-min


For my mobile I choosed a very cool extra protection case with some green on it. You have the possibility to choice between a standard or extra tough protection case. Also you are able to choice if you want it matt or glossy.


caseapp 3-min


So you can really personalize your mobile and laptop. Have you heard of Caseapp before?


Now I’ve got a great surprise for you, with the code “BEAUTYNATURE20” you will get a 20% discount until the 1st of October!!


Have fun by creating your own 🙂