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A question arises each time before the Fashion Week and indeed, what do I pack into my suitcase? Because the outfits should look good from morning to evening, if there is no time to get dressed between appointments and events. Today I’ll show you my outfit’s at Fashion Week. Before I briefly show you in my third blog post to the Berlin Fashion Week the looks of the fashion shows, which I’ve attended.


Streetstyle Fashion Week Berlin


I always try not pack too much, but I can’t wear all outfits overtime. Whether for lack of time or for weather reasons. In Berlin it was especially the weather. Because it has unfortunately rained. Especially in the mornings during the selection of clothes it rained and therefore it remained in the first two days with closed shoes. On the last day I could put on my beloved slippers.


pants: H&M, blouse: H&M, shoes: Walder shoes, watch: Klasse14


On this photo I not only look a bit tired, I was it ^^ After 2 hours delay by plane and a journey across Berlin, I would have fallen asleep right away. But I did not want to take it in front of this pretty flower wall to pose. In the evening the whole thing looked better again.



Even I though felt sometimes slightly unspectacularly dressed, this look carried me through the first day at Fashion Week and this successfully: D


pants: Vero Moda, top: Tally Weijl, shoes: Walder shoes


New Day, New Outfit: On the second day of the Fashionweek, I had incredibly many dates, so the outfit and especially the shoes had to be comfy.


pants: Vero Moda, top: Tally Weijl, shoes: Supermauro


One pair of pants, two looks. I love basic pieces about everything, especially on journeys they are incredibly handy. Depending on the combination with shoes, accessories and tops, the look is completely different. So this look, was then my favorite look.


Which look do you like the most?


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