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71   587
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58   573
71   684
90   672
66   590
45   724
80   607
55   646
58   574
65   661
56   615
60   535
50   544
73   531
69   638
73   597
60   473
65   535
74   557
307   672
56   610
64   640
57   622
60   584
60   686
59   617
71   593
68   551
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73   562
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69   559
60   513
71   554

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As you know, Sisley is one of my favorite brands. The products are of high quality like no other and convince me time and again with their effectiveness. In the past weeks, I was again able to test some novelties for you, which I would like to introduce to you today.




Let’s start with the – for me personally – most important novelty to the SISLEYOUTH ANTI-POLLUTION. As you may know, our modern lifestyle has brought with it some pitfalls that do not spare the skin. Every day we are exposed to environmental pollution and blue light. Our favorite gadgets like smartphones, laptops and Co. irradiate us with this blue light. Why is that so bad? The blue and unnatural light accelerates skin aging – so it is like in the sunlight – a protection against it necessary.



A powerful antioxidant active cocktail consisting of buckwheat seeds, ginkgo biloba, peas and vitamin E acetate combats free radicals and protects the skin from the damaging effects of all environmental pollution. Highly nutritious, highly hydrating active ingredients from plant sugar compounds, buckwheat seeds and shea butter promote the ability of the epidermis to store water and thus contribute to the optimum supply of water to the skin. The SISLEYOUTH ANTI-POLLUTION is therefore an all-rounder, which also helps reduce signs of tiredness and protects and cares for the skin as a whole. The wonderful scent of essential oils ensures a wellness moment par excellence already in the morning when applied.




Now to these two great novelties SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS and SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CONCENTRÉ ANTI-ÂGE MAINS. Two anti-aging products for body and hands.




The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CONCENTRÉ ANTI-ÂGE MAINS is not just any hand cream. Rather, it is a comprehensive high-tech care that combats all visible signs of age of the hands such. Wrinkles, pigment spots, loss of density and tone or dry skin. It is not for nothing that people say that the true age of a woman can be recognized by her hands. Because often hands are wrongly neglected in the care and while the face is spoiled with creams and serums, the hands have the disadvantage. The contained Lindera extract supports the cell renewal process, extracts of the silk acacia supply the cells with energy and a protein complex of yeast and soy increases the life of the cells. The hand care is very pleasant to apply and absorbs quickly, one immediately senses an improvement and hydration of the skin. Perfect even for a nursing quickening in the office – without blurring the keyboard.

We all wish to have well-groomed, delicate skin. However, so that the skin does not lose its elasticity over time, anti-aging care is also appropriate for the body. The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÈGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS contains exactly the right active ingredients and also smells wonderful. It is particularly useful in places affected by loss of strength such as the abdomen, inside of the arms and thighs and the buttocks. The extract of the silk acacia, the Lindera extract and a protein complex from yeast and soy help here as well. They specifically support the cell renewal process (energy, biorhythms and longevity) and thus ensure an optimal anti-aging effect. Because with age, the functions of the essential components of the dermis subsidence: In youth, they are resistant and elastic, but with time their production decreases and thus the elasticity of the skin. This process is counteracted by the extracts of soy fiber, dill and padina pavonica. The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÈGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS has a wonderfully light and at the same time rich, so rich in active ingredients, held texture, which can be incorporated well into the skin. I use them each evening after showering – also to support the regeneration process of the skin during the night.

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Zadig & Voltaire This is Her / This is Him Capsule Collection designed by No Rules


Today I’d like to introduce you to the Zadig & Voltaire “Capsule Collection” This is Her and This is Him No Rules. Of course, Him should not be missing in this blogpost too. The collection is called No Rules this message fits perfectly with the rocking & rebellious image of Zadig & Voltaire. No Rules was already the motto of Romeo and Juliet – love knows no rules.


Zadig & Voltaire This is Her / This is Him Capsule Collection designed by No Rules


The headstrong rock-chic attitude has been at Zadig & Voltaire since its founding in 1997. Camouflage patterns and skulls – two iconic designs of the label – adorn the rocking bottle. Of course, the bottles fit together to form a united unit that will fight together. The design is absolutely unique and just fits perfectly with Zadig & Voltaire and especially with us. Chic and elegant meets wild and rocking.


Zadig & Voltaire This is Her / This is Him Capsule Collection designed by No Rules


This is Her No Rules is a woody-floral fragrance that is great for the upcoming season. A feminine fragrance with the certain twist, which Zadig & Voltaire is known for. As a top note, the scent contains bergamot, Arabian jasmine and pear. The heart notes consist of chestnut cream, vanilla in combination with a warm sand chord. The woody base notes are sandalwood and ambrette.


Zadig & Voltaire This is Her / This is Him Capsule Collection designed by No Rules


This is Him No Rules is the perfect scent for the gentleman rocker. The modern scent with a rocking flair could certainly convince the gentlemen of the house. I particularly like the fresh top notes of grapefruit, pink pepper and lemon – perfect for the summer. The heart notes are frankincense, geranium and lavender. And the base note completes the fragrance with cedar wood, vetiver, ambrox and patchouli.


Zadig & Voltaire This is Her / This is Him Capsule Collection designed by No Rules


The flacons and their contents are not mere perfumes, they are art and have their own character. This is what I love about Zadig & Voltaire fragrances.







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Skin Care Favoriten


During the past few months I have again diligently tested the novelties in terms of skin care of my favorite brands. There are again many great products, which I would like to bring you closer to today.


Guerlain – Abeille Royale Double R Serum


Guerlain Abeille Royale


You like luxurious care? Then you should definitely take a closer look at the Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Serum by Guerlain. It combines the Abeille Royale technology to correct visible signs of aging with a gentle exfoliation and thus most effectively counteracts the loss of tone and firmness, wrinkles, pale complexion, skin defects and enlarged pores. The serum contains as active ingredients the honey and royal jelly of black bees from the island of Ouessant. The gentle peeling with New Skin effect accelerates cell renewal in the epidermis without irritating the skin.


Guerlain Abeille Royale


The Abeille Royale Double R Serum by Guerlain impresses in advance by its wonderful, luxurious fragrance. The two “phases” of the serum combine after getting out of the bottle. The serum can then be incorporated very well into the skin, it feels very light and does not greasy. Therefore, the serum is also good for oily skin. In particular, I like to apply it in the evenings before night care, but it also unfolds its effect under the make-up. The skin feels hydrated and relaxed after use, and the Abeille Royale Double R Serum immediately gives it a radiant complexion. The serum is very easy to dose and therefore very economical to use.


Glamglow – Starpotion Liquid Charcoal Clarifying Oil


Glamglow Starpotion


Glamglow is known for its extraordinary and innovative products – no matter how much I love the face masks of Glamglow, that’s no secret either. The Starpotion Liquid Charcoal Clarifying Oil is a black oil which becomes transparent when applied. It clears the complexion with the help of antioxidants, vitamin C and salicylic acid to protect the skin from toxins and environmental influences. The contained aloe vera and turmeric nourish and nourish the skin.



I do not know any comparable products, I was all the more excited about the results and also the application of the Glamglow Starpotion Liquid Charcoal Clarifying Oil. As you can see takes the oil with a pipette and it looks black in advance. However, once it is spread on the skin it becomes transparent. I like to use the oil in the evening – so it can be undisturbed the whole night. Especially with impure oily skin, this oil is because it contains salicylic acid. I have the oil very well and the application is easy.

P.S. It can also be applied very well to a Glamglow mask for extra care.


Guerlain – Pore Minimizer


Guerlain Pore Minimizer


I already used the last drop of the Guerlain Pore Minimizer Treatment. Even after the first application, I realized that it can be wonderfully used as a primer replacement. It mattifies the skin wonderfully and the make-up is also very good. The Pore Minimizer narrows and minimizes pores instantly, visibly and long-lasting. The combination of clay, zinc and vegetable extract makes it possible to specifically correct all types of pores, freeing up clogged pores and allowing the skin to breathe. Apply the Pore Minimizer after cleansing and before make-up – you can also apply a serum before. I also really like the small packaging, which can be taken along well when traveling.


Clarins – Pore Control


Clarins Pore Controle


And I’ve tested another pore serum, the Clarins Pore Control Serum. Plant active ingredients ensure a more even skin appearance here. Although this serum does not have quite as much matting effect as that of Guerlain, it combines well with the skin and feels light. The product did not irritate my skin. I prefer to wear it on my make-up days off. If I want a completely dull make-up finish, I use a primer. For the glowy look you can use it without an additional primer.


Pore Control Clarins


In particular, I like the light texture, it will definitely provide a great care in the summer without makeup.


Sisley – Soin Velours aux Fleurs de Safran Creme


Sisley Soin Velour aux Fleurs de Safran Creme


One of Sisley’s core competencies lies in effective skin care. Sisley has once again proven this with the Soin Velours aux Fleurs de Saffron Cream. Especially in winter time, my skin has to fight against dryness. The Soin Velours aux Fleurs de Safran cream moisturizes the skin and reduces skin irritation. It also helps to restore the lipid content of the skin. This balances the skin. The cream is applied to the face and neck in the morning and evening, because it has a dual mode of action. During the day, the skin is protected and repaired at night.




I especially need to highlight the incredible texture of the cream. At first glance, the cream is very rich, this is it, but on the skin, the cream feels nourishing but not greasy or too lush. It is very easy to work into the skin and leaves no unpleasant greasy film – as is often the case with some rich cream’s. Sisley proves again the competence in textures of cream’s. The protective mechanism of the cream was especially noticeable in winter sports, when the skin was spared the negative influences of the cold. And even in the morning after getting up, the skin feels regenerated and recovered.


Worth mentioning are the highly concentrated active ingredients, in which Soins Velours aux Fleurs de Safran are in particular the following active substances:

  • Buckwheat seed extract: protects the lipids from oxidation
  • Shea butter: provides nutrients and regenerates
  • Saffron flower extract: has a soothing effect
  • Three oils with high levels of omega 6, 7, and 9 (cottonseed, macadamia, and sunflower): immediately enhance the skin’s protective hydrolipid film by biometrically balancing out dehydration
  • Japanese purple grape extract: compensates for lipid deficiency and permanently binds water in the skin
  • Extract of Padina pavonica: replenishes the water reserves in deeper skin layers
  • Complex moisture-binding ingredients (wheat glucose derivative, vegetable glycerin and provitamin B5): compensates for dehydration immediately






There are also great Skin Care News to discover at Origins and of course I have tested the three new products in the past weeks as well.


Origins – Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer


Origins - Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer


The Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer is specially designed for oily and combination skin. He has a very light gel-creamy texture. When you open the cream, the first thing that strikes you is the pleasant scent, because the cream smells fresh and fruity with citrus fruits and makes you feel good in the morning. The Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer contains stimulating extract from the coffee bean, which leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant. The contained ginseng revitalises and restores the skin’s natural elasticity. For me a wonderful moisturizer for every day, which cares for the skin well.


Origins – Ginzing Eye on the Go


Origins Ginzing Eye on the Go


The Pendent to the Moisturizer is the Origins Ginzing Eye on the Go. It helps reduce puffiness around the eyes and diminishes dark circles. In turn, ginseng provides for an energy boost, which makes tired skin awake again. Coffee beans are effective against skin irritations and Magnolia extract prevents irritation that promotes dark circles under the eyes. The application is easy by using the sponge applicator and the light texture is feels so good on the skin. It also contains natural optical brighteners with mineral pearlescent pigments, which make tired eyes shine. Eye on the Go is suitable for quick and easy eye care for every morning – but also in between for extra care. The tube can also be very good in your handbag everywhere.


Origins – High-Potency Night-A-Mins Oil-Free Resurfacing Cream


Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins


Now to my absolute favorite one of the three novelties the High-Potency Night-A-Mins Oil-Free Resurfacing Cream by Origins. The cream is also suitable for oily and combination skin. It contains extract of the chestnut and AHAs, which are extracted from plants and fruits and gently exfoliate the skin. A blend of vitamins and minerals boosts the skin’s resilience so it can protect itself from harmful environmental influences. Barley extract and wheat extract hydrate the skin and the combination of essential oils of neroli, valerian and orange as well as vanilla extract give the night care of Origins its a pleasant scent that has a calming and relaxing effect. I apply the Night-A-Mins each evening after cleansing and my serum – in the next morning, the skin is super fresh again.


Do you already know one of the products?


Skin care love


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Olaplex N°4 shampoo Olaplex N°5 conditioner


I have been using Olaplex for years. Both when dyeing at the hairdresser with Olaplex N ° 1 and N ° 2 and at home Olaplex N ° 3 is always in use. In cooperation with basler-beauty.ch I was allowed to test the new Olaplex N ° 4 shampoo and Olaplex N ° 5 conditioner.


For those of you who hear Olaplex for the first time, here’s a little text about it: “Olaplex – changes everything! The secret weapon of American top artists for stronger, healthier and shinier hair than ever before, for long-lasting color results and a starched Protects the hair against damage from bleaching and colorations and multiplies and strengthens the structure of the hair Can be combined with bleaching and coloring agents from all manufacturers Olaplex is free of silicones, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and gluten and never became Tested animals.

Olaplex works in three easy steps.

  • Bond Multiplier No. 1 is added directly to the bleaching or color mass.
  • After washing out the paint, OLAPLEX Bond No. 2 applied as a post-treatment such as a hair treatment. Apply to hair and leave for at least five minutes.
  • OLAPLEX Hair Perfector no. 3 is an intensive hair therapy for the home and between the hairdresser visits. Applied once a week, it repairs and prepares hair optimally for the next chemical treatment. ” – Source: baslerbeauty.ch

Today my report is not about Olaplex N ° 1-3, but about the new Olaplex hair care products to use at home. Because last year I did a total of three Balayage dyeings and unfortunately my hair suffered a lot. This can be seen very well in pictures 1 year ago, when my hair was still darker, longer and denser.


Olaplex N°4 shampoo Olaplex N°5 conditioner


It was time to regenerate the hair again. I will also not making new highlights until my hair structure has improved. This has already been done with Olaplex. Olaplex’s first shampoo and conditioner are containing the original and patented active ingredient Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. With every hair wash, the broken hair is getting  repaired.


Olaplex N°4 shampoo


The Olaplex N ° 4 Shampoo visibly improves the hair structure and gives the hair shine, this promise I can only confirm. The shampoo is very economical, you only need a small amount that needs to be foamed well with water. I then leave the shampoo shortly before I rinse it. It is also 100% vegan, free from sulfates and parabens, as well as gluten-free and color safe. The hair also smells very pleasant but discreet.


Olaplex N°5 conditioner


The Olaplex N ° 5 Conditioner repairs and hydrates the hair without weighing it down, improves structural damage and reduces split ends. The consistency of the conditioner is creamy but firmer than I know it from other conditioners. I apply the conditioner after the shampoo and let it work for three minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. After shampooing, the hair feels super neat and soft.


I have tested the nursing duo a good 6 weeks now and it has repaired my hair significantly. Previously, I had some very strawy hair, they were visibly dried out so that even styling products could not do much. Since I do sports every day, I always have to wash my hair daily too. Nevertheless, Olaplex was able to visibly improve my hair structure within a few weeks. I will continue to use the combo anyway.


Especially noteworthy is the particular effect, if you previously applied Olaplex N ° 3, then the shine of the hair is especially beautiful and it feels extra neat. I use the whole combination of 3 – 4 – 5 once a week, leaving Olaplex N ° 3 to work for about 1 hour – the perfect way to make face masks and Co. at the same time. Incidentally, at basler-beauty.ch you get the three products currently super discounted in the set. I think it pays to spend a little more money, especially if your hair is also weakened by bleaching and dyeing like mine. In addition, I have so far just needed a little more than half the bottle, the products are very economical. I will certainly get a back-up.


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Taking a break from stressful everyday life is essential. I enjoy to combine my me time with a little bit of beauty care. Sometimes the time is missing for an extensive beauty program, but the new face masks and skin care products, which I was allowed to test, also offer a solution here.



I tested face masks of different Brands like Shiseido, Glamglow, Yves Rocher, Sephora, Zoe and I am – during the last weeks I personally tested all of them and would like to tell you more about the individual products today.


Glamglow – Instamud 60-Second Pore-Refining Treatment


Glamglow Instamud


Let’s start with Glamglow’s fastest mask it’s the Instamud 60 Second Pore Refining Treatment. One free minute is enough for this mask. It is a bubble mask after application the bubbles develop. The mask is easy to apply and leaves the skin super soft – not dried out. A great care Quickie for in between.


Glamglow – Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturizer


glamglow mud


Although not a mask but also by Glamglow is the Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturizer – just after the 60 Second Pore Refining Treatment it offers the perfect care on the go. After this combination, the skin feels cleansed, pampered and moisturized. The Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturizer is an ultra-light, water-based cream that instantly moisturizes and lasts for up to 72 hours – a lot of care in a short amount of time. It contains a triple hyaluronic acid complex, water from the volcanic Jeju Island and a TEAOXI® Blue Nymph Lily Extrac. Apply the moisturizer in the morning and in the evening.


Shiseido – WASO Purifying Peel Off Mask


WASO Purifying Peel Off Mask


For years I have not used peel-off masks anymore, why? Most of them did not have an effect but stuck to the skin all the more. When I received the new WASO Purifying Peel Off Mask from Shiseido for testing, I ventured back to a peel off mask again. And I do not regret it. It is the first peel-off mask, which is easy to apply and can be removed without residue. It counteracts irregularities in the skin tone, such as pimples or blackheads, by removing sebum and dead skin cells and is free of mineral oils. For this it contains extract of the red sesame leaf, which promotes a pure radiantly beautiful skin.


Apply the mask evenly to the pre-cleaned face and allow to dry. Then it can be easily removed. You can, for example, apply locally only to your problem areas such as nose or chin.


Shiseido – WASO Beauty Sleeping Mask


WASO Beauty Sleeping Mask SHISEIDO


Beautiful overnight? This is the concept of the new WASO Beauty Sleeping Mask by Shiseido. The moisturizing gel mask is based on the yuzu citrus fruit, the extract of yuzu seeds promotes the production of hyaluronic acid, so that the skin can store moisture better. Even after a short night, the skin looks fresh and refreshed. In addition, a combination of selected ingredients counteract blemishes and enlarged pores. The gel mask contains small capsules, they melt when applied and provide moisture during the night. The scent of the mask is also very pleasant. I love the feeling the mask leaves on the skin in the morning.


ORIGINS – Charcoal Honey Mask


ORIGINS Charcoal Honey Mask


The first mask I tested from Origins made me a big fan right away. The Charcoal Honey Mask by Origins contains activated charcoal and honey. It has a wonderful, luxurious texture and can be applied very well. Also the feeling on the skin during the application is very pleasant. The mask clears, cleans the pores and draws toxins from the skin and nourishes the skin at the same time intensively. As a result, the skin does not stretch after use – on the contrary, it feels well-groomed. The scent of the mask results from a mixture of 100% natural essential oils of clove, rosemary and spearmint. The mask is also very productive. A clear buy recommendation.


AHAVA – Mineral Mud Mask


ahava mineral mud


I also tested for the first a face mask by AHAVA. The Mineral Mud contains mineral-rich, naturally clarifying mud from the Dead Sea. In my opinion, it is particularly suitable for greasy and blemished skin. I would not recommend to use the mask on very sensitive skin. I don’t have sensitive skin – but the mask is very intense. The mask cleanses the skin intensively. Afterwards I like to use a moisturizer or mask to calm down.


Yves Rocher – Gesichtsmasken & Peeling


Yves Rocher Masken


I also tested masks and a scrub by Yves Rocher. There you will find the masks in 30ml tubes, these are enough for 2-4 applications and can be closed after use. A great idea for all the multi-masking fans among you – then you can easily tune the application to the specific needs of a particular face area.


The masks have very different textures as you can see. The Radiance Mask is transparent and intended as an energy kick for a pale complexion. The invigorating properties of sea buckthorn act on the skin and make it radiate. The Renergize moisturizing mask moisturizes with agave juice and regenerates the skin intensively. The cleansing mask mattifies the skin beautifully and is really recommended for impure and oily skin. Now one of my first beauty products – the gentle exfoliation with apricot kernels, was one of my first scrubs, which I had brought as a teenager at Yves Rocher. In the meantime the formula has been overhauled – I still like it.


ZOÉ Expert – sheet masks


Zoe Gesichtsmaske


You like it uncomplicated? Then you will definitely like the new masks of ZOÉ Expert. The Clarifying Black Mask by ZOÉ contains activated carbon particles and is therefore suitable for impure skin. It clears the skin and cleanses it. The mask feels slightly cool when applied, but it keeps very well and adapts easily to the face shape. This also applies to the ZOÉ Expert Hydra Mask. It contains algae extract and hyaluronic acid. Especially in winter, the skin likes to dry out – that’s where the moisturizing organic cellulose mask comes in handy.


I am face masks


I Am Gesichtsmasken


Super practical are also the new face masks from I am – like ZOÉ a brand you find at Migros. I was allowed to test these three variants:

  • Purifying Mask, a cleansing mask for normal and combination skin. It is very effective, but it is less suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Instant Radiance, the perfect mask for a glowy complexion. This gel mask actually always fits – even if it is just not the big care program. You can put them in the fridge for the special freshness kick beforehand.
  • Hydrating Mask, also a lightweight gel mask for a radiant skin. It also feels very pleasant on the skin and looks very mild but effective. The skin is wonderfully moisturized.


Sephora – sheet masks


Sephora Maske


Do you already know the combination of cloth and bubble mask? I have tried it for you. Lay the cloth mask on your face as usual and it starts to “work” – during the application, you can feel the bubbles as in a normal Bubblemask. After application, the skin feels fresh and looks fresh too. The Mud Mask of Sephora, on the other hand, is perfect as a preparation for an event, clubbing and co. I use it after cleansing the face and before I start applying make-up. The mask mattifies the skin and prepares it for the make-up – I like it.


I hope I could give you some input in choosing your next face mask 🙂



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In two days is Christmas Eve and you have no presents yet? Then I have some great gift ideas ready for you. Other gift ideas can also be found in my CHRISTMAS BEAUTYWISHLIST   and in my Perfume-giftguide.



Gift ideas from The Body Shop



At The Body Shop you will find again this year all sorts of beautiful gift ideas and sets for each and everyone – even for the godchild & Co. you will definitely find something. For example Olivia the Owl – this gift set includes a 60ml Strawberry Shower Gel, a 60ml Coconut Shower Gel, a 60ml Strawberry Hand Cream, a 60ml Coconut Hand Cream, a Strawberry Bath & Bubble and a Coconut Bath & Bubble. In addition, the empty Olivia is a money box.



At The Body Shop you will also find numerous pampering sets for Mama, the BFF & Co. Like the Facial Mask duo Himalayan Charcoal & British Rose, which is 100% vegan. It contains two high quality face masks – a mask for cleansing and one for moisture. Not only do roses smell wonderful and are beautiful to look at, they are also a popular ingredient for beauty products and also for beauty gifts at The Body Shop. The British Rose gift set and other gift sets are available in different sizes and designs. The fragrance of the products is amazing. Contained in the British Rose Festive Picks Gift Set are included: British Rose Shower Gel, British Rose Exfoliating Soap, British Rose Exfoliating Scrub and Body Butter. The Spa of the World line features beauty sets for a relaxing home spa day. Included in the Spa of the World Relaxing Ritual set is an African Ximenia Scrub and the original size Japanese Camellia Velvet Moisture Body Cream.



In addition to Olivia the owl, I’m in love with this sweet fellow: The Born Lippy Butterfly wears great gifts in his wing. It contains six great Born Lippy’s in the following flavors Strawberry, Raspberry, Satsuma Shimmer Lip Balm, Watermelon and Passionberry.



Looking for a gift for your man? Again, The Body Shop has matching gift sets, e.g. also beard care sets or a shaving set. The Guarana & Coffee Energizing Facial Kit then contains a cleansing gel and moisturizer.




The limited winter editions are also available in the form of various gift sets. In this you will find all three Christmas scents as Body Butter: Vanilla Marshmallow, Berry Bon Bon and Peppermint Candy Cane.



Gift ideas from Sephora – Once upon a night


At Sephora you’ll find wonderful gift ideas again this year – here too the owl is the Christmas ambassador. I especially like this cup, because it contains nine bath stars and it’s just too cute.



At any rate, it was love at first sight when I first saw this Owl Nightlight at Manor. The owl is just sugar and is now on my bedside table. A cute gift set is the Sephora Charming Hands Set, which includes a hand mask, a cute owl hand warmer and a coconut hand balm. In order to sleep deeply and soundly, there is the sleeping mask of the sweet owl matching the night light. The hand warmer is then also available to buy separately.



Also sweet gift set with great Sephora products from the standard range may not be missing. The Sephora The Glowy Surprise Face & Lip Set includes a Blush to go Stick Blush, a Luminizer to go Enlumineur Stick and a Cream lip stain rouge Velouté sans transfert. The Sephora Midnight Skincare Surprise features 4 skincare products: a coconut face mask, a pineapple nose mask, a cucumber eye mask and an almond hand balm.



For make-up fans the Once upon a night brush with silver case is a great gift idea. Bath pearls as a gift or even tree pendant can be found in different designs.



Gift idea from NARS



NARS makes the hearts of Make-Up Loverns beat faster – so also this gift set consists of the popular Velvet Mat Lip Pencils. In addition to a rocking case, there are four different shades of NARS Velvet Mat Lip Pencils: Mayhem, Trashed, Rowdy and Skin Tight.



Gift sets by Dr. Hauschka



You are looking for beautiful natural cosmetic gift sets? Then you will definitely be with Dr. Hauschka found something. There is a selection of beautiful gift sets. The gift set eye catcher by Dr. Hauschka contains a Lipstick, a Lip Line Definer and an exclusive pocket mirror.



In the Daily TLC Body Care Set Gift you will find three different body balm by Dr. Hauschka: The Rose Body Balm, the Lavender Sandalwood Body Balm and the Almond Body Balm – a great gift set for everyone.



Gift idea from essie



The essie gelcouture nail polishes are among my favorites among the classic nail polishes in terms of durability and color brilliance. They last up to 12 days without UV lamp in the Christmas gift set is a classic red – the color Bubbles only included as well as a top coat.



Gift sets from Rituals



Gorgeous gift sets are also available from Rituals this year – so you can give away different Rituals lines. The gift set of The Ritual of Ayurveda contains four products from the series: a shower foam, a shower oil, a body cream and a dry oil for body and hair. I also like the beautiful box.



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Wow in a week it’s already Christmas Eve. So it’s time to share my Christmas Beautywishlist with you. Maybe this is one or the other must-have for you or you will find a gift inspiration for your loved ones.




MACCosmetics – Shiny Pretty Things


Maccosmetics Shiny pretty things


At MACCosmetics there are two beautiful festive collections, the first one is called Shiny Pretty Things and belongs to my Christmas Wishlist. Because it is not only beautiful from the outside – but also convinces when used with incredible shimmer and intense color. There are also beautiful gift sets with miniatures and Co. available.



I received these two beautiful products at the MACCosmetics Event. The lipstick has the color Both Cheeks – an intense pink. Shiny Pretty Shadow is the name of the eye shadow, it glitters wonderfully and is an absolute must-have for the Christmas look. The color is called Joy To.



NARS – Little Fetish Mini Blush & Lipstick



NARS - Little Fetish Mini Blush & Lipstick


Every year, I’m especially looking forward to the NARS mini sets – they are the perfect gift for your loved one’s or yourself. The NARS Little Fetish Mini Blush & Lipstick Set contains the hottest Blush ever ORGASM. I also like the mini make-up to take it on vacation or in small handbags.



MACCosmetics – PATRICK STARRR Sleigh Ride




Glitter and glamor is also the motto of the festive collection – and at the same time the final collection – of PATRICK STARRR for MACCosmetics. The packaging is perfect for Christmas therefore in red with foil glitter look.



I got several products here. Let’s start with the EYE SHADOW X 6 SMOKY range with six beautiful eyeshadows inside. The dark shades are perfect for an evening look and the amazing packaging for a present to yourself or other make-up addicts. My highlight is then the Dazzleglass Lipgloss in the color TWERK FOR GIFTS – perfect for wearing it alone or as a topper. Another eye-catcher is the Lipsticks of the collection, this color is called PEACHY PETER.


Sephora Collection




At Sephora there are more beautiful Christmas specials available – today I would like to introduce you to two palettes on my Wishlist. In my last-minute gifts guide, I’ll show you some more great Christmas products and gift ideas by Sephora.


sephora once up on a time palette


The Sephora Once Upon A Palette is already visually a dream. It contains 20 eyeshadows, 3 face powders and a red lipstick as well as a big mirror. Especially great are the two exclusive tutorials for a successful make-up. All in all, just beautiful.


Sephora Collection Midnight wishes


The Sephora Midnight Wishes range consists of 16 matte, pearlescent and metallic eyeshadows for great looks. I like the hues – they are perfect for a festive look as well as a pretty everyday look.



Also available at Sephora is probably the sweetest palette this Christmas – Under the Christmas Tree by Too Faced is my absolute Christmas Mustache. The fir-tree contains three different palettes and my favorite mini-size mini-mascara – exactly the Better Than Sex Mascara.



In the first of the three palettes are a highlighter, bronzer and a blush included. Triangle number two contains eight eyeshadow colors: Vanilla Snow, Christmas Wish, Kiss for Santa, Rockin ‘Around, Dream it – believe it, Christmas Morning, Cozy up to Christmas, Wishful Thinking. The third triangle of the Christmas tree  contains then ten eyeshadows: Beard of White, Winter Wonderland, Pleasant Dreams, Dream come true, Unicorn’s pull my sleigh, Oh what fun, Wishes & Kisses, Starlight, Fresh Cut & Frosty and Under the Mistletoe.


The colors are all very well pigmented and can be applied wonderfully without fallout. Also, the insides of the triangles are so cute decorated – I also like the velvety shell very well.


Makeup Forever


Do you know make-up Forever? I particularly love the HD Microfinishing Loose Powder – and this is exactly what is included in the Essential Wonders gift set. There are the Step 1 Smoothing Primer, the Artist Rouge Mat M102 and the Deluxe Artist Pencil 606. Also for this I love such gift sets – you can test the products in a small size first and may find so new favorite products.


The Body Shop – XMAS Makeup


The body shop makeup


Surely you remember the great Christmas make-up products from last year’s collection of The Body Shop, which I introduced to you. There  are pretty products again this year. As well as the COLOR CRUSH LIPSTICK X-MAS lipsticks in three great colors and in a Christmas look. The colors are called Champagne Dusk, Flaming Horizon and Scarlet Sunrise. The lip



The METAL EYE LIQUID liquid eyeshadows are my personal favorites. They cover so wonderfully and are super easy to apply. Just right for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They are available in three metallic colors – I was allowed to test Holographic Platinum 700 and Gold Carat 117 – and I am thrilled by both. In addition, of course, they are 100% vegan.







Golden Silver Mask Sephora


There are also so many Christmas highlights to discover at Sephora Beautycorner. Not missing on my Beautywishlist are the Silver and Golden Mask. Both are film masks and make the skin shine properly and are the perfect gift for beauty lovers.




LUSH Christmas


On my Beautywishlist for Christmas at the top once more, are the bathing products of Lush. I love them. Also, because they always smell wonderful and due to the philosophy of Lush and the idea of not generating waste through packaging.



The sweet Santa Bomb Bomb consists of two parts and can be used as one piece or two as desired. Anyway, I love the strawberry-cream fragrance from both halves.


Magic Wand Lush


The Magic Wand is a reusable bubble bath. I love the sweet scent of this glitter star – it is also easy to reuse and dose.


Star Light Star Bright Luxuriöses Ölbad


The Star Light Star Bright is a luxurious oil bath. This is especially nurturing in the winter and a blessing. Included is ginger and lime oil. Murumurubut cares for the skin. And the water turns lavender-colored.


The Body Shop


The body Shop Christmas


The Body Shop is known for its body butter and deliciously scented Christmas editions. This year, there are again wonderful fragrances for the care products.




My personal favorite of the three winter scents is BERRY BON BON. Both the body butter and the exfoliation smells wonderful. The scrub is a gentle body scrub with a sugary texture and contains organic Community Trade cane sugar from Paraguay. It is enriched with cranberry seed oil extract. In addition, both products are 100% vegan.




An equally great and Christmassy scent is VANILLA MARSH MALLOW – there are also various The Body Shop products. At any rate, the bubbling bath puts me in a Christmas mood – and thanks to the body butter you smell like a cookie. The products are enriched with vanilla extract from Madagascar and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia.




Do you like peppermint? Then you should not miss the PEPPERMINT CANDY CANE fragrance line. The mix of peppermint and candy cane I personally like very well anyway. This body butter is 100% vegan.






The limited edition of Rituals for Christmas is called The Ritual of Yalda. In addition to the room fragrance sticks, the shower foam is one of my new favorites. The Ritual of Yalda is inspired by the millennium-old Persian Yalda Festival – pomegranate and watermelon to counteract winter fatigue. Personally, I like the scent very well, check out the collection at the Rituals Store – while it’s still available.



How do you like the products on my Christmas Beautywishlist 2018?





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Beautyblog Schweiz


I diligently tested the latest hair tools from Babyliss and Ikoo. Of course, the right hair care is also important, that’s why I have tested some of Paul Mitchell’s hair care products as well over the past few weeks.


schöne Haare Beautyblog


Here you can see some of the tested products, I have tried the Marula Oil Hair Care Light by Paul Mitchell as well as the heat protection of the NEURO Care series. The new oval curling iron from Babyliss I have finally been able to try extensively too.


Marula Oil Light Paul Mitchell Review


Especially when it comes to hair care products, it is very important to use the right hair care line for your own hair type. Since I have both fine and colored and thereby damaged hair, the Marula Oil Light Care series is ideal for me. It contains pure, natural Marula oil. Together with an above-average amount of minerals and nutrients, the oil acids provide moisture and regenerate and protect the skin and hair. Incidentally, I also like the packaging of the entire line.


Marula Oil Light Paul Mitchell Review


Paul Mitchell® MarulaOil Light Rare Oil Volumizing Shampoo

Thanks to the pump dispenser, the product can be dosed very well and no drop of shampoo gets lost in the shower. The shampoo is clear, has a gentle fragrance and foams well. Beet-derived arginine strengthens the hair and gives it intense volume. Cold-pressed marula oil and valuable nutrients help to seal split ends and make the hair shine intensely.


Marula Oil Light Paul Mitchell Review


Paul Mitchell® MarulaOil Light Rare Oil Volumizing Conditioner 

Especially with fine hair, the conditioners are often to heavy and make the hair looking flat. This conditioner complains my hair much less than other products and thus the hair gains in volume. For the hair tips, however, I need a little more care. However, the hair can be combed out easily after use.


Marula Oil Light Paul Mitchell Review


Paul Mitchell® MarulaOil Rare Oil Style Perfecting Serum

The hair serum of Paul Mitchell I like to use to tame flying hair. It also protects against further hair damage. The cold-pressed marula oil helps to seal split ends and ensures a smooth finish.


Babyliss Lockenstab Oval Gold Ceramic 38 mm


Babyliss Curling Iron Oval Gold Ceramic 38 mm

We all know round curling irons – but Babyliss now offers an oval curling iron. The advantage – the curls look much more natural and beachwaves are conjured up in no time. There are three levels of heat possible: 160 C ° / 180 C ° and 200 C °, to minimize the strain on the hair, I recommend you use a heat protection product and use the lowest possible heat setting for the desired look.



The handling of the curling iron is very easy and convenient. The cable can be rotated 360 ° so the use all angles is no problem. In addition, the curling iron contains an automatic shutdown, so it is not getting overheated. Again, I like the design very much – especially the gold ceramic coating not only protects the hair, but looks very noble. A great device to create beautiful beachwaves and Co. easily.


NEURO - Repair HeatCTRL Treatment

Paul Mitchell® NEURO Repair HeatCTRL Treatment

As already mentioned, it is very important to protect the hair from the heat before start styling. For this I massage the Neuro Repair HeatCTRL Treatment into the damp hair and leave it on for 5 minutes. Then I rinse my hair well and start with the styling. The treatment moisturizes, nourishes dry, brittle hair and makes it supple. It smoothes the cuticle layer and thus ensures shine. The HeatCTRL® technology then reduces the heat transfer rate when using heat-setting tools and thus protects the hair from heat damage.


ikoo brush e styler review


I tested and already presented to you in the Instagram stories some of the following products. I have tried the e-styler from ikoo and hair products.



ikoo e-styler

The e-styler by ikoo is a smoothing brush, for styling with simple and familiar combing movements. There are five heat levels from 150 ° – 230 ° C available. I always use the ion function, so that the hair is getting beautifully shiny. Hair straightening has never been so easy and quick. Thanks to the ceramic coating, the smoothing brush glides well through the hair.


ikoo brush thermal treatment wrap


ikoo Thermal Treatment Wrap Hair mask

The ikoo Thermal Treatment Wrap hair mask is the perfect complement to a beauty evening. I was allowed to test the detox & balance mask. It has a noticeable effect on irritated scalp and cares for damaged hair. The mask has a heat development, this makes the application a wellness experience and ensures that the care substances can penetrate particularly well into the hair structure. The contained nature extracts restore the original color brilliance of the hair and reduce split ends.


ikoo brush hair fresh up


ikoo Infusions Hair Fresh-ups

Brand new for me were the anti-frizz sheets. These towels tame curly and static hair, straighten and make it shine. Each cloth gives the hair moisture and shine. At the same time they provide UV protection for dyed hair and can be taken anywhere.




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The last few weeks I was almost in transit, to survive journeys in a beautyblogger way I have some favorites, which I would like to introduce you today a little bit more in detail. Of course, they all are available in a practical travel size and fit into your hand luggage.



I have recently rediscovered the great care sets by Dr. med. Hauschka. The first of these sets is called “Lieblingsstücke” and it contains the following products:

  • Face wash cream 10 ml
  • Facial Tonic 10 ml
  • Quince day cream 5 ml
  • Lip gold 4.9 g
  • Hand cream 10 ml

This set contains the absolute essentials, which can’t be missing on any trip. Cleanser & care for the face, lips and hands. A great set with the basics of the Skin Care range by Dr. Hauschka. The face wash cream and facial tonic cleanse the skin. The Quince Day Cream is a light day cream that feeds well. The lip balm lipstick is a must-have, especially in dry aircraft air and should not be missing in hand luggage or handbag. Likewise the hand cream.



Set number 2 from the house of Dr. Hauschka has the name “Night & Active” and contains the following products:

  • Cleansing milk 10 ml
  • Face wash cream 10 ml
  • Facial Tonic 10 ml
  • Night Serum 2.5 ml
  • Revitalizing Mask 5 ml

The face wash cream is here again, as well as the tonic, so I have now a back-up for the next trip. In general, I was surprised how productive all products were. The cleansing milk in this set is great for gently cleansing stressed skin. The night-time serum then offers the extra care after a long day of travel. And the revitalizing mask offers a bit of relaxation after stressful days of sightseeing.


Both sets are also great to try Dr. Hauschka products, if the brand should be new to you. It is certified natural cosmetics.


Glamglow Multimasking


The Glamglow masks from the #Multimasking Mask Treatment Set are also perfect for traveling. It contains the following masks: SUPERMUD® Clearing Treatment, YOUTHMUD ™ Tinglexfoliate Treatment, GRAVITYMUD ™ Firming Treatment, THIRSTYMUD ™ Hydrating Treatment, FLASHMUD ™ Brightening Treatment, POWERMUD ™ Dualcleanse Treatment. I myself am a confessed fan of the Glamglow mask and use it at home at least once a week. The purpose of multimasking in itself is to apply the masks according to the needs in different regions of the face. For example, in the T-zone the SUPERMUD, on the cheeks the THIRSTYMUD and on the chin the YOUTHMUD. Since the tubes have a great size to take with you, they will certainly not be missing in my beautycase during any trip.


More about the masks themselves can be found in my post about the Glamglow masks.


Elizabeth Arden


Also useful for traveling are serums, which come in hand luggage. On the one hand, I tested Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum Capsules. They are easy to carry with you anywhere- even in a handbag, so they can be used quickly and easily. The contained retinol promotes the production of skin-own collagen, whereby wrinkles are visibly reduced. Ceramides 2 & 3 provide the skin with natural ceramides and thus help to maintain the moisture barrier – especially on a long-haul flight. The contained peptides improve complexion and skin elasticity, while avocado oil, sunflower oil and olive oil moisturize and nourish the skin. The capsules are easy to open for single use – simply turn the smaller upper part of the capsule twice and open the capsule. I then apply the serum to the skin directly after cleansing – or, as already mentioned, on the plane during the flight for some moisture.


Dr. Hauschka serum


The night cure of Dr. Hauschka is also practically packed in single doses. The 28-day vial cure must be used continuously for four weeks. The ampoules thus accompany a complete renewal cycle of the skin. The dry skin should again “learn” to preserve fat and moisture. The sensitive skin becomes stronger. The greasy, impure skin reduces the formation of fat and excessive cornification. I am sure that I owe it to this night-time cure that my skin did not deteriorate despite the stress of the journey, the sun, etc. Because when I did not use the cure on my summer trip to Croatia, many blemishes were the result. But my trip to the USA left the skin “cold” despite enormous temperature fluctuations – it even snowed in one day and then we drove into the desert there was 40 ° C – and unhealthy diet. I can really recommend this cure to you. You really have to use them every night, though.



Do you have beauty travelessentials too?




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Today I would like to introduce you once again to some beauty novelties, which have particularly convinced me. These are from brands that could not be more different.



The LovaSkin Instant Foot Scrub is something completely new on the market. It is a spray that you simply spray on the existing cornea. Then let the spray act for about 60 seconds and easily  remove the cornea with the included special file. Sounds too good to be true? No, it works great and is really the easiest way I’ve found so far to fix this problem.


The product is applied as follows:

– Spray 7x on all sides of the feet

– Wait a minute

– Use the corneal file for 30 seconds

– Rinse the feet with warm water and then dry




The TALASSO-SCRUB BELEBEND by Collistar contains a blend of sea salts and precious Sardinian Fleur de Sel that smoothes and regenerates the skin. It refreshes as it smells pleasant to the sea air. The consistency is also very pleasant but not too fine. I like scrubs that also have a peeling effect, that’s clearly the case here. A great product for a beauty routine. The juniper extract improves the elasticity of the skin and has a relaxing effect. Moisture and nutrients then provide mastic, sesame oil and grapeseed oil.



In addition to the famous body butter, there is also Body Yogurt recently at The Body Shop. This is a light body lotion. I was allowed to test both the body butter and the body yogurt in the scent banana. Since I like fruity scents a lot, they’re perfect for me. The Body Yogurt has a light formulation and absorbs very well. The body butter is extra nourishing, it is suitable for very dry areas and stressed skin.


Sisley izia Duschgel


Also from my favorite brand Sisley there is great news again, this time a bath and shower gel. The clear shower gel foams gently when applied and becomes creamy. The skin does not feel dry after use. Add to that the wonderful scent of Izia, which leaves a soft scent on the skin. No wonder it is one of my favorites right now.


Do you already know one of the products?






I diligently tested a lot of new products in the last few weeks  – note the summer tan on the above photo – now I would like to introduce you to the tested products in more detail.






For the first time ever, I’ve tested products from Origins of the Original Skin line – so much in advance – I’m thrilled with this brand.


Original Skin™ Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb


Before the make-up comes the care – the Original Skin Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb by Origins is a light gel cream and is therefore great for oily skin like mine. The cream moisturizes without greasing. Apply in the morning before make-up and 5 min. let absorb. It is also great on makeup-free days to dull the skin a bit.


ORIGINS Original Skin™ Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb


Now to my new daily companion, who at first seemed rather extraordinary, especially in its consistency. The Origins Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb is an absolute must-have. The mousse primer is super easy to apply, merges with the skin, cools it and makes the pores disappear. The make-up also lasts the whole day. I’m really excited and will definitely buy it again.


Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly Original Skin


Now to the cleaning, the Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly Original Skin from Origins is a mild gel cleaner. It is great for removing Foundation and Co. and does not burn when he comes into his eyes. To do this, spread a few gel on the skin and “froth” up with water.




Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate


The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is a very light – gelatinous yet creamy – serum with a wonderful floral scent. It contains the Ultimune Complex and high-quality plant extracts that strengthen the skin’s own defense system. The concentrate or serum thus protects skin types of all ages from dryness, UV radiation, pigmentation marks and premature skin aging. Since it is a very light serum I use it often in the morning after cleansing, before the care and the make-up. It is well-fed.



In addition, the fragrance wakes me up properly and the skin feels instantly neat.






As you know, I’ve become a huge fan of Sisley’s products, especially in the last few months – and for good reasons. Unlike other brands, Sisley’s products contain a higher level of active ingredients, and you’ll notice that. I was now allowed to test the Sisley L’Intégral Anti-Age Firm Concentrated Serum. This is a very rich one – so I save this intensive care for my evening routine. The skin feels very nourished after the application and radiates in the morning after.


isley L'Intégral Anti-Âge Firmen Concentrated Serum review


The serum has a very nourishing consistency and is very rich. The effect involves two points


“1. Reactivation of the firmness mechanisms of the skin In addition to the natural effects of aging, the lifestyle also affects the production of elastin, the skin’s firmness molecule. Oreganoextrakt, a new active ingredient from Sisley, boosts the skin’s firmness mechanisms and more elastic.


2. Restoring the resilience of the skin Strength loss is also caused by the decreasing elasticity of the skin. The Phyto-Complex Pro-Firm 7, a unique complex of 7 powerful botanical extracts, works in deeper skin layers to promote and restore the elasticity on all levels of the skin. ”


I will keep using the serum and keep you updated on the results.


Pixi Skintreats


pixi beauty skin care


From Pixi skintreats I have also tested two products. On the one hand the Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask and on the other hand the Glow Mud Cleanser.

Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask pixi skin treats review


The Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask by Pixi Skintreats is a so called Bubble Mask. Once applied to the face, the bubbles begin to unfold and transform the mask into a kind of foam. It contains an oxygen complex with vitamins, ginseng, caffeine and antioxidants as well as lactic acid which combats the effects of damaging environmental influences. The mask is easy to apply, simply apply the gel to the cleansed skin and let it work in, then rinse off. The mask nourishes and lets the skin shine again.


Glow Mud Cleanser pixi


I have been using the Glow Mud Cleanser for a few weeks and I really like it. It contains 5% glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and avocado. In particular glycolic acid fights enlarged pores, acne and acne scars. Therefore, a great cleanser for anyone with blemished skin. The skin is well cleaned but not dried out. I always use the Cleanser in the evening.




Clarins Hydratant Essentials Masque Yeux


I have countless face masks at home, but so far I had no eye mask, which is not intended for single use only. The Clarins Hydratant Essentials Masque Yeux closes this gap in my beauty cabinet. Especially the sensitive skin around the eyes needs – at least for me – intensive care and moisture. This mask is wonderful to use while e.g. another mask is applied with the eyes usually have to be spared. I now use the Clarins Hydratant Essentials Masque Yeux 1-2 times a week, letting it work for 10 min once and once a night. Very important, too, that I never reacted to the mask.




Caudalie S.O.S Feuchtigkeitsserum Review


The Caudalie S.O.S moisture serum from the Vinosource series is as the name suggests moisturizing. In addition, the texture is very light and fluid, it moves accordingly fast and well. It is non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types.


Caudalie S.O.S Feuchtigkeitsserum Review


I use the Caudalie S.O.S moisturizing serum in cases of acute skin tension, e.g. after an intensive clarifying mask or in the absence of humidity.


ECooking / The curated skin


ecooking review


Some time ago I got from the online shop The curated skin a trial package of ECooking products. From this I picked out two products that sounded particularly interesting and tested them.


ECooking vitamin e serum


I first learned about vitamin E serum from my favorite sexubers from the States, they have a Skin Care Company and swear by it. The more excited I was on this test. Vitamin E is a great moisturizer and antioxidant. The serum is slightly thick, but can be applied well. I also used it especially during my summer vacation as it also helps against sunburn (luckily I did not) and moisturized the skin very intensely without any frills.


Cooking peel mask


The Peel Mask by ECooking is a chemical peeling mask with milk and fruit acid against wrinkles, fine lines and rough skin textures. Here I have to point out that this mask is very strong or aggressive. The duration of use should never be exceeded. During use the skin burns and after use it is temporarily reddened. This mask is in my opinion really not suitable for sensitive skin. The ingredients are very highly dosed, which of course also increases the effectiveness. After the application one notices a change of the skin, the pores appear finer. The mask helps to reduce large pores. Even after use, however, the skin still feels irritated and hot for some time. Therefore necessarily apply in the evening. After the first application I also used Healing Earth Skin Fine 2 by Luvos with water to calm the skin.


On occasion, I will be happy to test other products from ECooking, because the products are really reduced to the most important and they contain highly concentrated active ingredients.




Lancome masken review


I also tested two masks by Lancôme. On the one hand the Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Mask and the Advanced Génifique Yeux Hydrogel Melting Mask. The Undereye pads are generously soaked with serum and feel slightly cooling.


Advanced Génifique Yeux Hydrogel Melting Mask Tuchmask review


The Advanced Génifique Yeux Hydrogel Melting Mask by Lancôme is moisturizing and can be used in three different ways. In order to prepare the skin for make-up, it should work for 10 minutes to give the skin glow during the day 20 minutes and to intensively nourish the skin overnight at 30 minutes before going to bed. I left the mask on for 30 minutes before bedtime. Again, a lot of care is included and the mask is well soaked, so that there is still product left over, which can continue to work overnight.




Dermasence Tuchmaske


I was still diligent and have also tested the masks of Dermasel. Both masks contain Dead Sea salt, which is rich in mineral complexes.


The Cell Protect Mask contains sea fennel: The ingredients of this plant stimulate cell renewal and counteract the drying of the skin, by increasing the ceramide synthesis. Few plants are able to stimulate cell bioactivity to stimulate cell division and contribute to the formation of new skin cells. Sea fennel is also called “vitamin A from the sea”. So far, the sea fennel has been new to me – so I thought a little bit of background info does not hurt. The mask contains plenty of product and is easy to apply, it is also not too big and therefore sits pretty well. The skin looks and feels cushioned and well-groomed after use.


The Skin Contour Mask contains ice wine: From frozen grapes you can get the “tightening agent” polyphenol, an anti-aging ingredient. Again, I did not know the active ingredient yet. The mask is also soaked with care and easy to apply. The mask also smells wonderfully sweet. After the application, the skin is recovered.


I like these cloth care masks very much – for quick care and especially for easy care and intensive moisture.

Do you know the products? I hope I could help you a bit with my review. Otherwise, leave me your questions in the comments.


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