Noble: Balmain H&M Cooperation Look

Hello my dears

It’s time again for an outfit inspiration. This time I was in Zurich to taking these pictures. The name of my outfit noble and classy.

Balmain Outfit 2-min

Many of you have surely noticed the hype about the Designer cooperation of Balmain and H&M. I have found three pieces of this collection, but online without mass inertia. It’s now a bit of time has passed, but those clothes are not wearing it anyway every day. Today I wanna show you one of these pieces.


Balmain 6-min


The location was here the Zurich Opera House.


Balmain Outfit 2-minBalmain Outfit 3-minBalmain Outfit 4-minBalmain Outfit 1-min


As a contrast, and for more coolness I took a washed jeans.


Balmain Outfit 3-min

What I’m wearing:

  • velvet blouse Balmain H & M
  • black coat of Primark
  • washed jeans from Primark
  • black bag by Love Moschino
  • pumps of Vögele Shoes
  • stocking socks

Balmain Outfit 4-min


Especially nice looks the velvet pattern on the blouse. I also have a conscious decision not to wear jewelry in this outfit.


Balmain 5-min


Characteristic of BALMAIN are the shoulder pads, although I’m not a huge fan of shoulder pads, but they look really beautiful on this blouse. The shoulder pads are suitable for the imperial style of the blouse too.

Have you also buy a piece from the Balmain collection or aren’t you interested in such cooperations?  How do you like this outfit of me?

I always look forward to your comments and reviews 🙂