The Ballerina Look

The first sunny days make me dream of spring, so my outfits are already more springy. Today I would like to introduce you to a trend for spring 2017, it is the ballerina look. The playfulness also fits beautifully to spring.


Ballerina Look


Trend: Ballerina Look


The ballerina look is no longer just available for dancers and little girls. This spring it is again a street-ready trend. If the overall look is too much for you, individual keypieces are enough like pretty cute lace-up shoes to get the ballerina look. The look is best done with skirts made of tulle or pleated one’s, also bodies in pastel colors or white / gray / black as well as blouses and tops with cloak sleeves. Even more trendy is the whole look with metallic influences e.g. shoes in silver or gold, but also skirts in silver, rose gold or gold.


Ballerina Look


My Look


For my look I’v chosed a long pleated skirt in rose gold. Combined with the black leather lace-up ballerinas and the wing sleeve top in restrained black makes the look suitable for everyday. I really like the romantic ballerinalook. If you’re wondering why my hair looks so red, that’s because of the sunlight, I dyed the hair with henna, and so they “change” their color depending on the light.


Ballerina Look

the Look:


  • Wingsleeve by Tally Weijl
  • Heart necklace by Asos (not from actual collection)
  • pleated skirt in pink metallic (rose gold) by Tally Weijl
  • Ballerinas with lacing by Dosenbach



The shoes are really my favorite along with the skirt. I love the laced detail.


Ballerina Look


Because the look is so incredibly romantic, it was the perfect one for sending out my valentines day greetings.



How do you like the ballerina look?





Ballerina Look